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Robert Paul Reyes

Five-Year-Old Boy Escapes From Daycare, Goes To Hooters - "A five-year-old boy walked out of the Imagination Station child care center in the

Top Ten Things John McCain Can Do To Garner Headlines - Sen. Barack Obama attracts huge crowds at home and abroad, he is treated as a rock star by the adoring press and as a Messiah

Sedona Attracts Nature Lovers, UFO Fans And New Age Followers - But it`s not just nature lovers who come to Sedona; this wonderful locale has become the Mecca for New Age devotees.

Carmen Electra Sues Naked Women's Wrestling League - Carmen has an amazing ability to always make the wrong choice, in her personal life as well as in her career.

Senior Citizen Tends Marijuana Garden - "A 73-year-old Dutch man was astonished to learn from police that the begonias he had lovingly tended on his doorstep concealed a secret marijuana

Edgar Mitchell, Extraterrestrials And Pine Bush, NY - Former Apollo 14 moonwalker Edgar Mitchell claimed, in a recent radio interview

Drunk Man Blasts Lawn Mower With Sawed-Off Shotgun - "A Milwaukee man was accused of shooting his lawn mower because it wouldn`t start. Keith Walendowski, 56,

Boy Bites Dog - Dog bites boy is a hot news item in the neighborhood for a few days; boy bites dog makes international headlines.

John McCain is too boring to win the election - Obama is a Rock Star and Messiah figure, McCain is a vaudeville entertainer who hasn`t mastered the art of when to leave the stage.

NASA astronaut: Extraterrestrials Have Visited Earth - "Former Apollo 14 moonwalker Edgar Mitchell claimed, in a recent radio interview, that not only have aliens been visiting the Earth for the

Forbes' List Of Top Five Best Paid Actors - Will Smith, the champ of the summer blockbusters, tops the list. Smith is the Barack Obama of Hollywood, he is a proven commodity who strikes

Will The Youth Vote Turn Out For Barack Obama? - The cynics claim that young voters won`t be able to pull themselves away from their iPods and laptops and vote

Golden Girl Estelle Getty Passes Away - "Diminutive actress Estelle Getty, who found fame late in life with her portrayal of a sharp-tongued Sicilian mother on "The Golden Girls," died Tuesday.

George W. Bush: A Dismal Failure - Some presidents are considered failures by their contemporaries, but are rated much higher by historians. Harry Truman

Three Crooks, A Stolen Recliner And A Getaway Vehicle With No Gas - "Three men suspected of stealing from a Goodwill store in Cookeville ran out of gas before making it out of the parking lot, police say.

NASA Used Cadavers To Test Space Suits - "An Ohio State University Medical Center project contracted by NASA used cadavers to create technology for the Orion shuttle, space agency officials

Media Ignores Lackluster John McCain Campaign - "In Manchester last night, there was just one reporter and one photographer waiting for McCain as his plane -- a white, blue

FOX News: Anything But Fair And Balanced - FOX News is a master of the art of the Big Lie, every anchor repeats the FOX mantra (Fair and Balanced) at least a couple of times every

What's Up With Katie Holmes' Purple Hands? - Celebrities are always under the microscope, every aspect of their appearance is fair game for reporters, comics and pundits.

Nothing Wrong With Poking Fun At John McCain's Age - "Age discrimination and harassment are illegal in the United States. Illegal in the workplace, that is, but not in politics.


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