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UN General Assembly Calls For End To US Embargo Of Cuba - For the 22nd consecutive year at the United Nations, the General Assembly today adopted a resolution calling for an end to the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States against Cuba.

Chuck Hagel Praises Former U.S. Representative Ike Skelton - Former U.S. Rep. Ike Skelton of Missouri, who died yesterday at age 81 in Arlington, Va., will always be remembered for his commitment to bipartisanship.

United Nations: Don't Forget Sandy's Caribbean Victims - On the anniversary of Hurricane Sandy making landfall in the US, UN officials are reminding the public not to forget the storm`s less documented Caribbean victims.

UN Confirms Polio Outbreak In Syria - The UN confirmed 10 cases of polio in conflict-stricken Syria.

UN: Rising Violence In Nigeria - The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees is calling on States to keep their borders open for Nigerians fleeing the escalating violence in their country.

Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding, Recovery Effort Continues - Now, one year later, post-storm rebuilding and recovery continues.

UN Provides Aid To Flood-Stricken South Sudan - Humanitarian agencies and their partners have reached nearly 100,000 of the 156,000 people affected by flooding across South Sudan over the past couple of months.

Ban Condemns Killing Of UN Peacekeeper In Congo - United Nations Secretary-General has condemned today the killing by M23 rebels of a UN peacekeeper in strife-riven eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo.

General Martin E. Dempsey Praises USO - The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has paid tribute to the USO for its seven decades of support for America`s fighting force and its families.

UN Promotes Global Right to Food Movement - The UN independent expert on food urged Governments to incorporate nutrition strategies into laws and legal entities to further drive the global right to food movement.

UN Expresses Concern About Use of Armed Drones - Expressing concern about the potential for illegal use of armed unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, the UN called on States to be transparent in their use, to investigate allegations of unlawful killings.

UN: Appalling Suffering In Syria - The statement also deplored the escalating violence in a conflict that has already killed more than 100, 000 people and driven some 6.5 million other form their homes.

Chuck Hagel: New Protections Needed for Unclassified Data - Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel recently directed that DOD organizations take additional steps to ensure unclassified controlled technical information is protected from cyber intrusions.

UN Redoubles Efforts To Eradicate Polio - The world is closer than ever to eradicating polio, the United Nations World Health Organization said today while warning that children continue to be at risk.

Ban Marks 68th Birthday Of United Nations - Marking the 68th birthday of the United Nations, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said the annual celebration offers a chance to recognize the invaluable contributions of the Organization to peace and common progress.

Obama Marks 30th Anniversary of the Suicide Bombing of Baracks in Beirut - In a statement marking the 30th anniversary of the suicide bombing of a Marine barracks in Beirut, President Barack Obama honored the fallen service members, their families and the survivors who worked to free the victims from the rubble.

Syria Has Fully Cooperated With UN To Destroy Chemical Weapons - UN: The Syrian Government has been fully cooperating with the destruction of its chemical weapons programme.

UN Chief Ban Calls For Clean Energy Transformation - Ban Ki-moon today called for a clean energy transformation to help put the world on a more sustainable path.

UN Presses for Humanitarian Access In Syria - According to WHO, the Syrian Ministry of Health confirms it is treating the outbreak as a cluster of hot AFP cases, pending final laboratory confirmation.

President Obama Welcomes Back, Thanks Federal Workers - President Barack Obama thanked federal employees for their service, sacrifices and dedication.


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