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UN: Millions Starving In South Sudan - Despite improved harvests, nearly 40 per cent of South Sudan`s population " or one million people " will have trouble getting enough to eat this year.

UN Urges Inquiry Into Gulags In North Korea - UN experts urged an international inquiry into human rights abuses in North Korea.

UN Urges International Probe Into Death Of Palestinian Prisoner - A UN human rights expert called for an international investigation into the death of Palestinian prisoner Arafat Jaradat.

UN Concerned As Rocket Fired From Gaza Hits Israel - UN officials voiced their concern after a rocket fired from the Gaza Strip landed in southern Israel

UN Calls for Investigation into Death of Palestinian in Israeli Detention - The UN voiced concern about the death in Israeli detention of Arafat Jaradat.

UN: International Justice System Must Be Improved - UN officials stressed the importance of strengthening international processes that will monitor and prevent rights violations around the world

UN Hopes China Will Exert Influence On North Korea - The UN hopes that China will exert its influence on the Democratic People`s Republic of Korea to de-escalate tensions after the recent nuclear test.

UN: Security Situation Dire In Congo - Ahead of a new peace deal for the Democratic Republic of the Congo to be signed this weekend, the UN warned that the security situation is unstable.

UN: Crisis In Mali Disrupting Schooling - The education of some 700,000 children in Mali has been disrupted due to the violence in the country.

UN: Threat Of Space Objects Demands International Cooperation - United Nations called for international cooperation to face the threat of near space objects.

UN Promotes Quinoa, A Highly Nutritious Grain - Quinoa, a highly nutritious grain-like crop that has made its entry into the food basket of culinary connoisseurs has been a staple for centuries in South America.

UN Condemns Terror Attacks In Somalia - The UN condemns the terror attacks that have occurred in Somalia during the first half of February.

Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta Presents Hillary Clinton With Award - Each generation of Americans must earn the responsibility to lead, former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said.

UN: Fake Medicines Can Kill - Fake drugs are a multi-billion dollar business attracting organized crime.

UN Urges Stronger Measures to Protect Artic - The melting of sea ice and the resulting rush for resources require effective measures to avoid damage in the Arctic.

Myanmar: UN Welcomes Release of Child Soldiers - The United Nations welcomed the release of 24 children by Myanmar`s armed forces.

Ban Deplores Terrorist Attack Against Pakistan`s Shia Community - Ban Ki-moon condemned the terrorist attack carried out on Saturday in Quetta, Pakistan, targeting the Shia Muslim Hazara community.

UN Condemns Terrorist Attacks on Civilians in Iraqi Capital - The top United Nations envoy in Iraq has strongly condemned the series of bombings that struck several neighbourhoods in Baghdad on Sunday.

UN: Human Rights Issues In South Sudan - Th UN raised concerns about security challenges, human rights issues and the national reconciliation process.

UN Condemns Violence Against Females - The UN joined millions of people around the world who are taking a stance against violence against women as part of the "One Billion Rising` campaign.


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