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Obama: North Korea Must Renounce Nuclear Weapons - Given North Korea`s bellicose threats, it is unacceptable for the nation to possess nuclear weapons, President Barack Obama said today at the White House.

UN Urges Continued Funding For AIDS - Top United Nations officials today urged countries to maintain and strengthen their commitments to tackle HIV and AIDS in the midst of the global economic downturn.

US Forces Target Drug Labs In Afghanistan - U.S. and allied forces in Afghanistan are targeting narcotics traffickers and drug labs that bankroll and support the Taliban insurgency.

UN Demands Fair Trial For Aung San Suu Kyi - The UN called on the authorities of Myanmar to ensure an open and fair " trial for opposition leader and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Aung San Suu Kyi.

Russia Vetoes Extension Of UN Mission In Georgia - The Security Council failedto extend the presence of the UN Observer Mission in Georgia after Russia vetoed a technical roll-over for the nearly 16-year-old operation.

NATO Announces Reduction Of Troops In Kosovo - NATO Defence Ministers agreed today in Brussels to begin a gradual adjustment KFOR`s force presence.

UN: More Funding Needed For World Hunger Crisis - The UN warned that the poor and hungry around the world are facing an unprecedented humanitarian crisis, while global food aid has hit a 20 year low.

Robert Gates Urges Graduating Class To Embrace Public Service - Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates implored America`s youth to weigh the virtues of a career devoted to serving the country, saying no life is complete without service to others. "

UN Condemns Assasination Of Iraqi Politician - The top UN official in Iraq condemned the shocking " assassination of parliamentarian Harith Al-Ubaidi, who was reportedly shot as he left a mosque.

7-Eleven Settles Storage Tank Violations - Handee Marts, Inc., doing business as 7-Eleven and owner of two 7-Eleven locations in Pittsburgh and Cranberry Township, Pa., has settled alleged violations of underground fuel storage tank regulations.

UN: Global Climate Change Agreement In Sight - An ambitious and effective global pact to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is in sight, the top United Nations climate change official said.

Robert Gates: NATO Troops Must Reduce Civilian Casualties - Minimizing civilian casualties has to be one of the highest priorities for NATO troops in Afghanistan, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said here today.

UN Chief Ban Launches"WeMustDisarm" Campaign - Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today launched the WMD-WeMustDisarm " campaign, beginning the 100-day countdown to the 2009 UN International Day of Peace.

Pakistan Puts Pressure On Al-Qaeda - Al-Qaida terrorists hiding out in Pakistan are coming under increased pressure from that country`s military forces, a senior Defense Department official said here today.

UN Imposes Tough Sanctions On North Korea - The UN Security Council imposed tougher sanctions on North Korea, including a tighter arms embargo and new financial restrictions.

US Military Ready To Handle Cyber Threats - Cyber operations are another theater of operations for the U.S. military, and the Defense Department must apply the same analytical rigor and resources to it as it would to any other theater

Robert Gates Expresses Confidence In US Missile Defense - Amid speculation that North Korea could be preparing for another missile test, Robert M. Gates told Congress today he`s confident the US has the missile defenses in place to defend itself.

UN Calls For New Approach To Somalia - A new approach is well overdue for Somalia, the top United Nations envoy to the Horn of Africa nation said today.

UN Chief Ban Condemns Terrorist Attack On Hotel In Pakistan - Secretary-General Ki-moon strongly condemned the terrorist attack on a hotel in Pakistan, with a staff member of the UN official among those killed.

UN Chief Ban: Israel Must Freeze Settlements - Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today called on Israel to allow fuel and building materials into Gaza, freeze settlements in the West Bank.


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