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Carolee Kaufold

To Love Another Person is to See the Face of God - The beauty that comes with making friends is that it brings trust, love and loyalty.

1 Down; 13 To Go on Big Brother - Big Brother is back to, maybe, the most boring season ever-- it is like a bad accident.

Big Brother is Back on CBS - Oh boy, another summer of Big Brother is on CBS. This show is what is wrong with me. I am nosy!

An Encouraging Story About a New Way to Educate - The school offers life skills and promotes independence for trainable or educable mentally handicapped students.

We Are All Part Of A Garden - Gardens all have the same thing in common. If you live in the West or the South, in warm weather or cold weather, they have the same factors.

Loyalty, Betrayal and Forgiveness - Some may call me a fool. Friends, Thom and our sons have wondered how I could forgive Ann.

My Way Of Reaching Out - The point of this story is there are many ways to reach out and touch people that are kind, caring and giving.

Books You Love Reading and Do Not Want To End - Books are a way to enjoy new views on life, to escape to far off places

A Place Of Comfort - Chairs have personality. Don't you think? When the skies get dark and the lighting rumbles I sit in the chair and wonder at God's power.

Reality Shows vs Real Life - I admit it-- I love to watch reality shows. Why?

What is Faith? - Faith is important to us, in the why we have it and the way we give it. I want to share one more piece of faith with you.

How Do You Feel About Old Friends? - If you have one or eight, it makes your life stop so you can reach for the goodness they have to share.

Can You Make Friends On the Internet?' - Gone are the days of meeting folks at little league, on the commuter train, and at the door asking for a cup of sugar.

A Little Touch of Ireland is a Lot to Have - The beauty of Ireland can only be matched by the beauty of the people.

Do It Now! - I asked him how he was feeling and he said he was numb. I guess I can understand that. They were together for a few years and went through some important things.

AMERICAN IDOL - Why do we watch Dancing and Singing talent shows? - We watch because this is reality TV. I only cheer on winners, and the talent shows are the ones to watch, for me.

Hey Mary Jo, Joey is dating the girl that shot you! - Yes, pick yourself up from the floor and smell the coffee.

Dying to Learn How to Live-Twice - I died on August 8 th-- twice! In 1994, I was in a coma until August 22nd. When I woke up, I knew God had big plans for me.

When I Hear the Phrase 'Boys will be Boys" - That phrase seems to relay a message that it is all right to be stupid, insensitive, and a jerk.

Not Just On Memorial Day - From the start of time, men and women fought for what they believed in. They were ready to stand on the front lines and be brave.


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