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Will Says...


Will Roberts

Occupy Wall Streets & The Freedom of Speech - Occupy Wall Streets & The freedom of speech is about to be stopped by the need to be neat! says Will Roberts

President Obama is Not Responsible for Creating Jobs, He Is Too Busy Trying to Keep His Own Job! - I don't know if I think it's fair to blame jobs on the President or Washington. Let's look at it this way: If the Republicans were in office the Democrats would stop the progress.

Occupy Wall Street -Occupy Las Vegas with Will Roberts - Will Roberts reports from Las Vegas and their version of Occupy Wall Street -Occupy Las Vegas!

Give Credit to Obama Where Credit is Due...Obama - You know, I don`t think folks give our President enough praise when it comes to political strategies.

Las Vegas and Republican Debate is No Place to Find a Hero - Well, I had quite a week here in Las Vegas. You know things are going well if you can personally top the lights and glamour of this City of Sin, and last week I did.

Will Says... DON'T Get Hurt at a Tea Party Event, You Might Just Be Left for Dead! - Boy, this week has been the week to recognize random acts of kindness. Now, I am going to take few of these from the news just so you know I have proof.

Mitt Romney for President? - Now, some people think if Mitt Romney got in as president it might change the way the country is being Run. Spiritually I mean.

Will Roberts Says... Medication Shortages? Go Nautral, An Apple a Day, Keeps the Drug Companies Away! - Remember the old saying, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away," well; somehow it seems with the absence of that saying has gone good health.

Steve Jobs is Jobless, Obama's fault? - Steve Jobs has resigned. How will this affect Corporate America. Is it Obama`s fault? Will Roberts Says...

Will Roberts Says... Earthquake is Obama's fault! - Breaking News! S & P downgrades East Coast Earthquake to a Tremor.

Will Roberts & The Daily Blather: It's time for a Smoke Break with John David Cameron SafeCig - Recently, I gave my radio listeners a smoke break. Now, if you tuned into my show then you know I had the pleasure of spending time with Mr. John David Cameron.

The Daily Blather: The Straw Poll That Broke The Camel`s Back! - Now I know I am beating a dead ... Camel with this Straw Poll talk. But with so much to talk about, and elections so close, 1 1/2 years...

Will Says... Iowa Straw Poll is Over But the Shuckin' and Jivin Has Just Begun! - Now folks, I have traveled this great country performing with rope, and I can tell you that this Iowa Straw Poll would have been a highlight for a cowboy trick roper.

Tune into 'TweetTheStreets' Radio with Will Roberts and John David Cameron - I have the pleasure of talking with a gentleman who is spearheading a movement in the world of smoking, John David Cameron.

Will Roberts & The Iowa Straw Poll: What a Hay Ride? - Will Roberts & The Daily Blather: It was all about Straw Poll Sunday. Driving the strip in Las Vegas or on the freeway, cause the strip is too crazy.

Will Says... S & P Downgrades US to AA and a 12 step program! - S & P down grades US from AAA 2 AA. finally we have a plan! It's called a 12 step program!

Will Roberts says... The BILL is passed... On to AMERICANS! - I thought we stopped giving kids recess in schools, stopped giving bonuses to folks at Christmas time.

Speaker of the House John Boehner Cries: Yet again...problems? - Now, I can't blame any politician right now if they are a little hot under the collar and for Speaker Boehnher, well I am surprised he`s not a sobbing mess.

Will Says... Obama & Boehner Sitting in a Tree A V O I D ing... First Come Love, Then? - Politicians have to stop acting like they don't live in the same house. It's gotten so bad that the Republicans are treating the Democrats like they're the girlfriend they just dumped.

It's Time for The 'Back to School Plan' - Will Says... let the women run the country, Balance the budget, consumer protectors, and mothers!


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