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Will Says...


Will Roberts

The War is With the Politicians and Obama! - All this time, (since Obama took office) we have been wondering who are we at war with. Iraq? Iran? Afghanistan? Bin Ladin?

The World Will End on October 21, 2011 & it's OBAMA's Fault! - @elizabethlikess Hey, Well do you think the world will end on October 21st, 2011?

(Bi)-Partisan Only Means You'll Be Working Together, Not That You Like Both Sexes! - Boy, this Budget debate is killing Americans. Our President is trying to be bi-partisan about this whole thing.

Newt for President, I will try to be Bi-Parisian, but I am really into woman! - Newt: IF elected I will be faithful to my party, unless a prettier party comes along! I promise to be a hands on President... And I will try to be Bi- partisan; HOWEVER, I am really just into woman.

Herman Cain: 'A Pizza in Every Oven & An Oil Burning Truck in Every Garage!' - Well Republicans had their first debate to see who would be able to see who best fit the ethics, morals, & beliefs of the GOP as they move toward the 2012 Presidential elections and the winner was... the least likely candidate.

President Obama Invites Bush to Give Him Credit At Ground Zero, Bush Refuses! - You know the old saying, "blood runs deep"? Well, it does, especially when you`re out for it. I can't tell you folks that I am surprised today to see that BIRTHERS are not quite done yet with misbelieving our President`s birth certificate. The

OBAMA -Last week Birth Certificate... THIS Week Osama Bin Laden's DEATH CERTIFICATE - OBAMA -Last week Birth Certificate... THIS Week Osama Bin Laden's DEATH CERTIFICATE

Charlie Sheen for Republican Presidenti - Another Republican to launch an exploratory committee to possibly run for GOP Presidential nominee. It sure seems like this exploratory thing is becoming the in thing to do

Me OUTSOURCE? but their my friends! - I was leaving my show on the Las Vegas strip last night and I was scanning though my Twitter account and my Facebook page and only thing out there that's newsworthy is Donald Trump...

TRUMP for President! Madoff for Vice President! - Any good joke teller knows that they can tell a joke many times before it gets old. They just have to make sure they don't tell it at the same party or public speech twice.

Lions, Tigers and HAIR! The Silly Season Has Started! - It`s funny how in a moment`s notice things can change. Sometimes I think that Washington and our politicians are like teenagers.

Will Says... Trump, Isn't Real Estate What Got Us in This Mess? - Folks, I am TRYING to focus on the important country matters at hand (budget), but like many of us here in the USA I can't, because of this Trump/Obama birth certificate THING.

Obama Announces Record Money Raising Campaign for 2012! - Well, it's official! The president is going to run for re-election in 2012.

@BronxZoosCobra for President! "Why Not, At Least I'd Be Among My Peers" - Boy that @BronxZoosCobra is really pickin up speed. He has over 150 thousand Twitter followers in only a few days.

The REAL question Mr. Obama is, why won't Trump Marry an American Girl? - These days, the fine print is what will get you into deep trouble; I leave all the real facts to the pundits, the economists and the politicians...

Cowboy Humorist Will Roberts - Planning to Run FROM 2012 Presidential Elections - Well now, Sarah Palin has travelled to India & Israel, which now opens the gate for everyday people getting involved in places that everyday folks don't belong.

Armageddon: Japan's Nuclear Tango Turns Into Death March! - Howdy Folks, things are not looking up in Japan. Everybody that knows anything is currently working on the save Japan from the worse nuclear disaster since WWII.

John Boehner Takes Social Grace Class, Does That Make Him a Socialist? - I read that Speaker of the house John Boehner is, from all outward appearances, trying to make good on his promise to make and hold a good HOUSE hold.

Terrorists Try to Destroy the Arts! - We all know that the big story politically is budget cuts; what to spend, what we don't need, and in both cases, politicians are making those decisions for the people.

Dr. Seuss Was a Liberal? GREEN eggs and ham? - Will Says... They celebrated Dr. Seuss's birthday, everyone got in the act, even Michelle Obama read - Cat in The Hat.


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