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Published:September 25th, 2014 11:24 EST
Can We Link Samantha Clarke`s Disappearance To Hannah Graham`s?

Can We Link Samantha Clarke`s Disappearance To Hannah Graham`s?

By John G. Kays

As we were waiting to find out where Jesse Matthews disappeared to, on the lam as he was, for serious charges regarding the most troubling disappearance of Hannah Graham, I began some research of my own into a few other missing persons` cases from the Charlottesville, Virginia, that some suspect might be related to that of the newest one, Hannah Graham`s (trying to come up with a connection is, apparently, the object of my probe, although I`m blindly feeling my way). 

Okay, in the meantime, all these other developments begin to surface, such (as were) revealed by CPC Timothy Longo, both on Tuesday and on Wednesday (you probably know what I`m talking about). Jeez! How did Jesse manage to make it all the way down to Galveston; this part of the story will require full disclosure in due time (I live in Austin, so this scares me to Dickens, with the spooky saga moving so close to me)

Anyhow, these items over here, relating to this mysterious Dreadlocked Character (we`ve been hearing so much about lately), are ever cautiously factored in, as I systematically look back into (first off) the cold case files of Dashad Smith and Samantha Clarke (I`ll get to the other ones soon).

Let me acknowledge my sources first of all; once again, a trustworthy journalist from the Charlottesville area, Courteney Stuart (she use to write for the Hook, but now writes and is editor for Cville) has done much of the heavy lifting, from what I can tell, on Samantha Clarke and on Dashad Sage Smith (the only two I`ve had a chance to look at). Well, entering the stage now is convicted murderer Randy Taylor (Alexis Murphy); the tall tale Randy weaves, when talking to Courteney (you have to read: Living In the Shadow, `cuz it will blow your mind!) is his way of convincing you that he had nothing to do with Samantha Clarke`s disappearance. 

The information Taylor gives is so detailed, so conspiratorially-laced, that it made me think back on James Earl Ray`s twisted story, who told of a shadow figure by the name of Raul, who had set him up in MLK`s assassination (you might look at this sidebar sometime, if you`d like to see what I`m talking about). Well, to make this analogy work right, you`ll need to think of the two young men who, we hear, Samantha was playing off of at Northside Restaurant (which is no more).

Do I believe that Randy Taylor was Samantha`s abductor and killer? I haven`t been able to convince myself of it quite yet. Was Taylor Alexis Murphy`s killer? That seems clear to me, since they found a bloody, soiled work-shirt of his under a couch in his apartment; I mean, it has Alexis`s DNA on it, so there you go. Thus far, and this is just initial impressions going through my head, but it doesn`t look as if Alexis Murphy can be tied in with Hannah Graham. And it would be a long shot if we could link Clarke to Graham. 

The strongest connection I can think of, so far, is between Morgan Harrington and Hannah Graham, although time will tell, once DNA results come back from Jesse`s apartment and car. A scary thought just occurred to me; Matthews may have driven through Austin, on his way to Galveston. I can deal with it! One thing I`ll have to say, this time, cuz I`m convinced this creep has done it before, is businesses having surveillance cameras everywhere, payed off big time on this round! Jesse didn`t know it, but he was starring in his own True Crime life story, but he`s not a hero, he`s the Bad Guy!