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Published:January 15th, 2009 20:00 EST
Gay,Lesbian Adoption

Gay/Lesbian Adoption: How Does America Feel

By Kathleen Green


A national ban on Gay/lesbian foster parenting could cause a major injury to more then 10,000 children nationally. This ban on Gay/Lesbian foster care would cost 85-140 million nation wide and have a huge impact on an already drained foster care system and economy. Are the social service agencies and the government really attempting this? It seems that what little has been given to the Gay/Lesbian community is being taken away. With so many children in Foster Care and up for Adoption costing the government millions of dollars a year in tax money, the government is now trying to ban our ability to have children as part of our family units. Heterosexual parents who are unable to have biological children are able to go through the grinder to be able to adopt a child for their own. However most heterosexual parents want babies and those are in small demand. In the Gay/Lesbian community having a child the natural way is not always an option. Adoption for these same sex parents being the perfect solution. Younger and older children alike would have the advantage of two parent homes, with parents who are focused and dedicated to their family units. With the requirements that ANY potential adoptive parent goes through parents who are ineligible would be disqualified.

Gay,Lesbian Adoption


There is an estimated 500,000 children in foster care awaiting adoption in the United States. Less then 1/5 of adoption agencies attempt to recruit potential parents from the Gay/Lesbian community. Proposed bans on Gay/Lesbian parents could displace more then 10,000 children nationally if this ban is pursued. Three states currently have restrictions on Gay/Lesbian adoption. There is an estimated 1.5 million Gay/Lesbians who are interested in adopting. Gay/Lesbian parents are raising more then three percent of children in foster care in the US today. Due to the new restrictions more Gay/Lesbian parents are looking to adopt foreign born children. America should really consider this due to the large numbers of adoptable children in theUS.


There are an estimated 70,000 adopted children by Gay/Lesbian parents and a reported 14,000 children in foster care with Gay/Lesbian parents. These children who some already come from a devastated home life, just want to be loved. In most cases the children do not care if their parents are of the same sex. In a study done it has been found that same-sex couples raising adopted children are older, more educated and have more economic resources than other adoptive parents. Currently there are only four states that allow same sex adoption: Vermont,New Jersey,Massachusetts andCalifornia. Other states permit single parent adoption. One huge obstacle is the fact that gays/lesbians are not permitted to marry. Florida law specifically bans the gay/lesbian from adopting using the unfounded claim that gays and lesbians are child-molesters; but will allow them to be foster parents. This law is being challenged however; still stands as is on the books. The state of Mississippi only bans same gender ? couples from adopting. Utah law states that unmarried couples are prevented from adopting gay or heterosexual. Both these states, Mississippi andUtah allow gay/lesbian single people to adopt however.


Adoption does not have the emotional power as the issue of gay marriage, because there is no such thing as the phrase the sanctity of adoption ?. Is this really what the bottom line is? Are we going to allow the children of this country to suffer because of this unfounded fear of the gay/lesbian community that seems to spread through this country like a disease? Choosing who you sleep with has no barring on your abilty to be a good parent.