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Published:January 26th, 2009 14:40 EST

What I've Learned in Life

By Philip Lawrence

Put people ahead of everything else in life.Courage and determination will carry you further in life than skill and ability.



Most people can be inspired to do great things when they know someone believes in them.Exercise will slow the aging process.

To really love and be loved: Love like you`re eight years old and have never been hurt.


Your love and your time are the greatest gifts you can give a child or an old person.Refuse to give up.  Be relentless.  Be fearless.  Triumph over adversity.


Treat people with respect.Give people responsibility and they will surprise you.Be the one on whom others rely in every phase of your life: family, friends, work, sports.Take care of your body; all things in moderation: food, drink.Be a life-long learner.  Realizing you don`t and can`t know everything is the beginning of wisdom. Stand up for your beliefs.But consider and respect the beliefs of others.Embrace change: it is the order of nature.Learn to play a musical instrument.Master a foreign language.Play a team sport.Be a leader and lead by example.


To succeed in life: develop a wealth of knowledge, experience and abilities.To really succeed: learn for the experiences of older people who have been there.Don`t hinge your success and happiness on the actions of others.  Rely on yourself. Success is doing something you enjoy and doing it well.Be at your best when conditions are at their worst. 


As the English say: keep a stiff upper lip.Be bold and fierce.  And gentle and compassionate.