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Published:February 18th, 2009 10:51 EST

Muslim Owner Of TV Station Beheads Wife

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Muzzammil Hassan, 44, is accused of second degree murder of Aasiya Hassan, whose body was found last week at the TV station in New York state.

Both Mr Hassan and his wife worked at Bridges TV, a station aimed at countering stereotypes of Muslims.

Authorities said Mrs Hassan, 37, had recently filed for divorce. The couple had two children, aged four and six."

Muzzammil, the founder of a TV station based in Buffalo, was furious that his wife had filed for divorce. Muslims consider women second-class citizens, and Muzzammil was not about to let his property walk away, so he hacked her head off.

It`s ironic that the founder of a TV station that aimed to counter stereotypes of Muslims, killed his wife in the best tradition of a jihadist.

Hassan has demonstrated to a world in the most graphic and gruesome manner possible that Islam really is a religion that demeans women and inspires violence. Hundreds of women are routinely beaten and killed in Muslim countries for having the temerity to not cover their faces in public and other minor "offenses".

As a freethinker I think all organized religions are a blight on humankind, but Islam is an exceptionally violent creed. I urge all American women not to marry Muslims, you will be giving up your self-respect and dignity.

Bridges TV will continue to spew their pro-Islam propaganda, but it`s own founder has demonstrated that Islam is a belief system drenched in blood.