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Published:March 24th, 2009 20:22 EST
Would You Divorce Your Hubby If He Saw A Prostitute?

Would You Divorce Your Hubby If He Saw A Prostitute?

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Soon wives could receive letters from the Escambia County Sheriff`s Department letting them know when their husbands are arrested for soliciting prostitutes."

Let me begin by stating the obvious: Fighting prostitution is a waste of money and human resources. It shouldn`t be the concern of the police if consenting adults exchange money for sex.

Nevertheless prostitution is illegal in Florida and most states, and police departments are trying out new strategies to combat the world`s oldest profession.

I`m conflicted about this new approach to fighting prostitution. On the one hand if a lady receives a letter from the police department stating that her husband has been arrested for soliciting a prostitute, it will lead to marital discord and perhaps end in a divorce. Those letters may lead to an increase in domestic violence calls, I wouldn`t blame a woman if she beat the heck out of her husband for picking up a prostitute.

On the other hand a wife has a right to know if her husband is cheating on her. If a wife knows that her hubby picks up streetwalkers, she can take precautions so she won`t get an STD. Assuming that she still wants to make love with her philandering spouse.

I`m interested in the opinion of my female readers -- would you divorce your husband if you received a letter from the police letting you know what a lying creep you married?