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Published:August 8th, 2009 21:01 EST
Unified Field Objects (UFO's)

Unified Field Objects (UFO's)

By Richard Taylor

(Or UFO`s as everyone else calls them)
What if we came to a period in our evolution that we discovered that what we think of as unidentified flying objects, or UFO`s as the popular term is, are not really UFO`s. What if we found out that they should be termed as unified field objects? Or better yet, unified field vehicles.

Einstein spent his whole life looking for a unified field theory. A theory of everything to explain everything in physical existence. The TOE. What if we discovered the existence of the non-physical? Our science of today says that you have to be able to test something to prove its existence. But the scientists themselves have proven that you must have an observer to make the test complete. That the observer has an effect on the outcome of the test. So that then makes the observer the participator. That must mean that our very consciousness must have effect on physical things. But you can`t see our consciousness, so does that mean it doesn`t exist? Can we test it, and if we do, does the observer have an effect on it too.

These are just a few of the questions I have that explains to me that society, our scientists, our physicists, our astronomers, and literally everybody in this world, doesn`t have a real understanding of what is going on here. This is the world of duality. That means that in order for something to exist, it has to have an opposite. A left for a right, an up for a down, and so forth. Which brought me to the thought of UFO`s. How is it that when we see them that they can make these sharp right angle turns at an indescribable velocity, and then disappear, leaving us thinking that they left so fast that we couldn`t see them leave. We just thought that they must have gone to warp ten, to use a Star Trek phrase.

But what if they didn`t really leave, but rather went into a different space-time continuum? A dimensional shift would certainly explain a lot of things. But there we go, our scientists can`t prove it, so they therefore can`t exist. You know what, I`ll bet that our UFO friends aren`t concerned about being seen. They just say to each other, Don`t worry, they won`t believe they just saw us. Happens all the time ".

Which is really true. Governments all over the world have gone to extreme extents to make us disbelieve what we just saw was a figment of our imagination. And they have been doing this ever since Roswell. And there have been Roswell`s all over the world. And each and every one of them has been covered up.

Now why is that? The masses of people and the numerous sightings of them must surely tell us that they are real. How can we disbelieve what we see? And they have been sighted by reliable sources. Our military pilots, commercial pilots, and heck, even our astronauts, have seen them.

Why do our governments not want us to believe what we see? Would it be because they think if we really found out about their existence that there would be worldwide panic? That it would be something like when Orson Wells War of the Worlds played, and people panicked? Or that maybe people would lose faith in the government  because they can`t protect them from these UFO`s Which brings me to another aspect that we believe about ET`s. We have been led to believe, by our governments and movie makers, that ET is out there to take away our world from us, to kill us and take over our world for their own selves. Anybody with any common sense who can think, and believe me, that`s rare in today`s world, would automatically realize that with the billions of planets and stars out there in the universe, that they could manage to find just one that was suitable for their existence. I mean heck, anybody that`s as technologically advanced enough to fly here to earth, from who knows what other galaxy, has to be advanced enough to find one that`s not already inhabited. We have to give these highly evolved beings, or Heb`s, as I have come to understand them as, the respect they are due, rather than the fear we have of them.

It is ludicrous to think they are bad. I really and truly believe they have been watching us and guiding us to keep us from obliterating ourselves. With all the tensions and fears that went on during the cold war, it is a miracle that something didn`t happen. And it has come to my understanding that there is a controlling force to our government. One that covers up and hides things from us for they don`t think that we the people, can handle the truth. They have made conspiracy after conspiracy to keep us under their control.

Let`s start off with the John and Robert Kennedy assassinations, and Martin Luther King`s. First of all people, let`s come to our logical senses. These assassinations took place during a period of much unrest. The cold and Vietnam wars were raging. JFK was considered a leftist and went against the Republican hierarchy that was dominant then and continues to be now. All you have to do is look at Bush`s record and you can see he is a warmonger too. He even made the statement of being a warring president ".

The republicans President believes that by having wars it keeps our economy thriving. We spend billions on weapons and have the mightiest war machine in the world. Yep, that`s going to keep Bush`s weapons buddies wealthy and keep our economy thriving, but at who`s expense? Our young people we send over to fight what they call a war? Doesn`t another country have to attack you to have a war? We were attacked by some religious zealots, not another country. If you ask me, it`s unpatriotic to just stand there and let these things happen to Americans. We spend 6 billion dollars a month on a war that`s not really a war.   Shouldn`t we be spending that money to eliminate starvation and homelessness right here in our own nation? At a party thrown by his rich cronies Bush said, We are the elite of the haves and the have mores. You are my base ". Now what really is going on here?

So all you have to do is to look at the motives for these assassinations. There are no rational motives. There are made up one`s, but none that give clear definition. Why? Because the scapegoats they picked didn`t have one because they didn`t do it. That`s how powerful, secretive, and controlling our government is. Look at the CIA, FBI, OSI, NSA, and all the other black ops that we don`t even have a clue about. They are deciding how we live. They literally run the world. But we don`t know it, do we? We just go along, la dee da, everything`s good, and ignore what is happening. The point I`m trying to make here is do you really think the government doesn`t know about UFO`s? Think about it. They come out with cover-ups all the time. What makes you believe they`re not doing it with UFO`s? Do you think maybe it`s possible that the Heb`s have made an agreement with our governments? Think about all the leaps and bounds our technology has made. Did we do it, or did we get it from the Heb`s?

I mean everything is digital now. Where`d that come from? Okay, okay. I`m going to have to fess up now and tell you why I feel authorized to make the statements I have. I had made a mess of my life and had one of the most wonderful things happen to me. I had a stroke, and had a supernatural experience in the hospital that healed me of it. Wow, I was reborn. But more than being reborn, I was awakened. After I left the hospital I decided to become a certified nurse`s aide. I`m a master machinist by trade, so go figure what I was thinking. It was at the classes for this that I met my soul mate. She is left-handed, as am I, and has the same middle name of Lee. A match made in heaven. This was no coincidence. She is a very spiritual person. She introduced me to God. I like to call Him The All. For that is what I realized He, She, It is. The All of everything.

And no, I`m not some religious fanatic because of what happened to me. It`s not about religion. It`s about spirituality. That is who we are, spirits having a human experience. I have gone on to study the universe, quantum physics, our reality, and the nature of The All, and have made many realizations about us. But enough about me. What I`m trying to get across to you is that UFO`s aren`t oddities. They are part of us too. The All created them too. And being further evolved than us, they are watching and nurturing us so we can evolve too. So back to the unified field theory.

Everything is connected. Ask any physicist. They have performed tests that prove this. Ask them how a particle can be a wave? The only answer is that they must be connected. So maybe these Unified Field Vehicles, or UFV`s as we`ll refer to them from now on, don`t come from a different part of the universe, but maybe from a different unified dimension.

It would explain a lot of things, like how they all of a sudden
disappear. But the main thing is, they are not here to harm us or take away our world. I wish everybody would stop thinking that. It`s nonsense. They would have already done it a long time ago if that`s what they wanted. I`m asking you to expand your minds, and to wake up like I have done. There is a whole lot more out there to us and to everything else that we just can`t quite understand just yet. But we can. Let`s wake up, and start to EVOLVE, like we   are meant to. Step up to the plate and let us explore.