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Published:August 15th, 2009 13:47 EST
American Soldiers Are Dying In Vain In Afghanistan

American Soldiers Are Dying In Vain In Afghanistan

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The War in Afghanistan, which began on October 7, 2001 as the U.S. military operation Operation Enduring Freedom, was launched by the United States with the United Kingdom in response to the September 11 attacks. The war has a triple purpose:

1. to neutralise and to destroy Al-Qaeda, and Osama bin Laden himself,
2. to destroy the opium industry in Afghanistan, which supports and finance all Al-Qaeda operations,
3. to stop opium traffic from middle east to US and UK."


Almost eight years later America is still in Afghanistan, and we have failed miserably to meet these objectives. Al-Qaeda is resurgent in Afghanistan and Pakistan; Osama bin Laden is still taunting the US with his vitriolic videos, and the opium industry is thriving.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates recently said that defeating the Taliban and Al-Qaida will take a few years. He admits to being clueless as to how many US combat troops it will take to win.

The so-called presidential elections in Afghanistan are a sick joke, the election will only decide who is mayor of Kabul. The Taliban, al-Qaeda, drug gangs, and warlords control most of that godforsaken country.

Our soldiers in Afghanistan our dying in vain, and the policy of the Obama administration is to send more soldiers there to shed their blood in vain.

It`s time for the Democratic-controlled Congress to stop funding this insane war. It`s time for the liberal bloggers to make their main focus stopping the war in Afghanistan. It`s time for Americans to launch huge demonstrations in opposition to our misadventure in Afghanistan. It`s time for peace activists to heckle Obama every single time he makes a public appearance.

Wake up America! Wake up my fellow progressives! Why the deafening silence?