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Published:August 30th, 2009 10:36 EST
The Audacity of Insurance Adjusters

The Audacity of Insurance Adjusters

By W. C. Hewitt

I have often times been acclaimed for my audacity and not to be vain, do merit the distinction of be audacious. However, even I had to reel in awe at the illogical genius presented by my insurance company over a recent storm damage claim. I know you are thinking "sour grapes` but it isn`t just a matter of unbridled dissatisfaction that led me to examine the tactical logic of an acclaimed and supposedly reputable Insurance company.

During a recent ice storm the relentless precipitation caused the build-up on the roof of the house to be so great that it slid off under its own weight tearing the eaves trough off the length of the house along the side drive and crash down onto the roof of my second car which exploded the windshields and left a nice neat furrowed indentation.

Frankly, it sounded like a bomb exploding in the living room. So like a well informed property owner should I immediately called up my insurance man to inform him of the dilemma which as everyone knows, according to all insurance ads, should be left in his hands and everything will be taken care of. Balderdash! Now get this and I will say it is quite creative, the ice sliding down from the roof and damaging the eaves trough is covered but the damage has to exceed five hundred dollars. Ok, sounds fair, including the damage to the car I felt I was laughing after all, the rear windshield itself was a good five hundred plus. Right!? Wrong!

It seems that the damage to the car is classed as an act of God! Therefore it is not insurable. Hold on", I protested. Just how did you arrive at that"? I asked in frustration. Well ", he stated, the roof and trough were connected and showed physical damage from the storm the car is not part of the structure ". But, what about the insurance on the car? I debated. The trough fell on its own accord when it struck the vehicle", hence it was an act of God.

Ok, let me get this straight, nature sprung up a big catastrophe that was causing horrendous damage which I have to pay an insurance company to protect me and when that damage hits, Natures is ok but when God took the eaves trough and smashed it across my car in retribution that leaves it a no fault? Right! He jovially proclaimed. Don`t worry about it. I`ll have a repairman out to assess the damage tomorrow. Then he hung up.

A mark of a real experienced adjuster if you ask me. So now I`m out a car, which has been buried in a field of ice and is right now being covered over by the core of a blizzard and a length of eaves trough snaking along from the roof of the car and across the rest of the driveway. When the repairman showed up the next day he just added more fat to the fire when he informed me that the repair would cost four hundred and fifty dollars.