It could be Michaele`s striking blondness was a kind of pass for her Arab-American husband, who seems to be as American as apple pie, but could it also be that the men and women in black might have been slightly less vigilant in the service of our first African-American president?

I know, I know, it`s a horrid thought and damn me all to hell for asking, but it will be asked, just as it was asked whether the Secret Service had been less than protective of our first Catholic president, John F. Kennedy.

President Obama is, after all, the target of an unprecedented number of death threats. That would argue for hyper-vigilance around him, and yet the publicity-seeking Salahis breezed right up to the President.

The gatekeepers, presumably trained profilers, could not have missed that Salahi is a Middle Eastern name. True, it would be a farce for them to go ballistic every time they encounter an Arab name or a face that matches prejudices about what Arabs look like, but you can`t help wondering where the alarm bells were hidden that night, can you?

After all, we`ve had people pulled out of airport lines for looking Arab or spelling their names funny, " so where was the Secret Service at Barack Obama`s very first state dinner? While we`re worrying about a security lapse, maybe we should ask if the Salahis could have barged in on Laura and George Bush the way they did on Michelle and Barack Obama.