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Published:December 12th, 2009 11:18 EST
Liberty Counsel Wants You To "Adopt A Liberal"

Liberty Counsel Wants You To "Adopt A Liberal"

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Liberty Counsel`s `liberal cards` are now under production. We told you about the `"Adopt a Liberal` program. It encourages conservatives to pray for liberal leaders in an effort to change their views.

The decks will have 51 cards, one short of a full deck, with faces on one side, and their liberal positions on the other.

Liberal radio host Alan Colmes, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, and President Obama are among those on the cards."

This tomfoolery comes out of the Mecca of fundamentalism: Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va. Matthew Staver, the Chairman of Liberty Counsel, is also the Dean of LU School of Law.

Staver is one card short of a full deck, he probably kept the Joker out of the deck because it bears too much of a resemblance to him.

The following intellectual heavyweights are included in Liberty Counsel`s Adopt a Liberal Program:

Mayor Michael Bloomberg
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
Congressman Barney Frank
Director John Holdren
Mr. Barry Lynn
Secretary Janet Napolitano
President Barack Obama
Senator Harry Reid
Speaker Nancy Pelosi
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
Senator Olympia Snowe
Alan Colmes
Keith Olbermann
Rachel Maddow

Staver claims that these respected liberals endorse policies that seriously and negatively undermine life, liberty, and family. I`m not a praying man, but if I were, I would beseech the Almighty to bless these gifted individuals.

Making Liberty Counsel`s List is a badge of honor for any card-carrying liberal, akin to being on Richard Nixon`s Enemies List. I feel slighted, I am a liberal columnist for the Lynchburg weekly, and I have almost triple the hits on the Yahoo search engine as Matthew Staver. I`m praying that Staver will be moved to at least give me an honorable mention.

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