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Published:February 19th, 2010 15:42 EST

Dogs vs. Cats: The Great Debate Finally Settled

By Andy Wright


So there you are, a young woman deeply in love and about to move in with your significant other when after the first passionate night together you awake to a weird sniffing noise and obtrusive nudging only to realize you`re living with a pro-life person.

prolifeBreakfast is awkward to say the least. You lose your appetite over the argument, feeling betrayed without even have been told that he was a pro-life person and what came barging into the bedroom this morning was from a previous relationship. It was just something you took for granted. He rebuts with but I`m allergic " - citing this as his main reason for being a pro-life type. He goes on to explain that being pro-choice is just so irresponsible, it`s like the owner doesn`t even care about their pro-choice; it will take care of itself. He then confronts you, making you realize this is still an unresolved issue for most, and asks why can`t you just be a pro-life person? Why is being pro-choice so dear to you? You then explain that being pro-life brings a lot of baggage, like domineering and territorial tendencies, and your neighbor was pro-life which used to chase you when you were a child. Pro-choices relieve stress and represent true independence.

You`re left feeling dissonant at work all day. It`s just so hard to think there are people out there who believe it`s more than ok to think being a pro-life person is the only way to be and that a pro-choice is a dirty, selfish thing. Of course there are many people out there who think after having one pro-choice in your life will lead to another and soon after about 4 or 5 pro-choices, you`re all of a sudden a crazy pro-choice lady who is satisfied without ever having had children, talking and feeding her pro-choices like they were people. But what about population control? Pro-life people just let their pro-life stances go; defiling other pro-life`s and then the next thing you know there are too many pro-life`s to feed running around. And what if one impregnates another without consent? Whose responsibility is it then? What if the owners of the dog, defiled were pro-choice people who by chance inherited the pro-life from a dying neighbor and now have to set back their lives another x amount of years to raise this offspring? Just another pro-life in an overcrowded world.

As you walk in the door of your apartment, or home built on lies and oppression, you see him waiting for you. Within seconds the argument resumes: he hits you with I can`t live with someone who thinks pro-life isn`t deserving of equal treatment as a person! As a rebuttal to your claim that all pro-life people treat a pro-life as an equal to, say, a 3-year-old child; as though it`s automatically a human.

You go on explaining that he deliberately kept it from her, claiming it was just another way for him to exercise control over you and the real problem was that he never brought it up, assuming pro-life was the only option and that you had no say in the matter. And the fact that this pro-life was from a previous relationship, given to him from someone else, well that`s just unacceptable. A pro-life is a step in the commitment direction; he clearly has no problem breaking things off no matter was it as stake what if you cave in and became pro-life yourself? What`s to stop him from leaving you with a pro-life on the way?

He seems at a loss for words but is obviously frustrated. He starts slow, claiming that because he was raised to be a pro-life person, he will always be a pro-life person. He hates the idea of pro-life`s suffering, never getting the chance at a real life in shelters and feels they are highly misunderstood; they shouldn`t just be disregarded until they show human qualities like compassion, but they should be treated as equals almost immediately. They`re not the oafish, overbearing beings that so many people think they are. Population control is a serious issue, but you can`t try to control that by termination or suppressing nature " it`s a crime against nature, which is something we owe a deep moral reformation to. He apologizes for not having brought it up in the past; he was just so used to thinking of pro-life`s as people, too.

He never thought of the qualities a person possesses that makes them a person and although he disagrees and thinks a pro-life can be a human at any point, he does understand that they can be obtrusive, a major responsibility not to be taken lightly, something that not everyone is ready to just have in their lives, and that you, too, should have a say in the matter. He once again puts forth the idea that being a pro-life type doesn`t necessarily mean what so many have accepted it to mean, pro-life can result in adoption there are many people looking for the right addition to their family. You understand but reassure him that being a pro-choice person doesn`t mean you don`t want what a pro-life person wants, but that you prefer pro-choices and sometimes a pro-life stance is ok " if you`re ready for that kind of commitment.

He compromises and says that he will keep his pro-life decision, and you can have a pro-choice of your own that he will respect with equal footing, he will just now need a prescription in order to live with your stances on the topic. Even though he is really concerned about your pro-choice, citing that you can easily train any pro-life as it grows and to see to some of its own responsibility, all you say is that you`re still not ready but that you will try regardless that you have your own responsibility " namely that you owe to your own pro-choice, which although immature at first grows into a strong independent being of its own, leaving more room for self love instead of regret for having a pro-life which grows out of control with age because you were too young when you made an irresponsible decision to take a being`s life into your hands when you were hardly ready to handle your own, and faced the consequences without choice.

As the years fly by and you both live harmoniously only sometimes touching on the pro-life/pro-choice argument, you realize that regardless of what either of you believe, cats suck and cause very irritable reactions within the respiratory system.