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Published:April 16th, 2010 10:12 EST
Flounder: Disney's Worst Representation Yet

Flounder: Disney's Worst Representation Yet

By Andy Wright



Movies meant for youth tend to obscure truths like history text books.  However as we stretch further from the origin of Disney films, children are exposed to more realistic scenarios and plots while still being placed upon the impossible, e.g. a sentient robot that doesn`t seem to follow Asimov`s three laws.  I`m sure animators now look back and cringe at what passed as wild life and biological mechanics; however, nothing bothers me more than the aquatic side kick of the little mermaid, Flounder.  Who the fu(c)k dropped the ball on this one?  Has Disney never seen a flounder?  It`s one of nature`s cruelest practical jokes - a grotesquery of our planet, one that would leave any possible visitors to Earth doubting society`s current beauty standards.


Granted, only his name was Flounder and it was never specified what kind of species he was, on the other hand, maybe a name like cod or sea bass would seem more appropriate.  That way he could come off as a cuter fish and not a bottom feeding break of evolutionary favoritism.  The first time I saw a real flounder was at the age of 13, a solid 9 years of schema building resting on a foundation of lies.  To say I was taken aback by this find is an understatement.  I think it`s safe to assume, if I have not learned anything from high school, Ariel would not hang out with Flounder if he looked like a real flounder.  In fact the only possible contact that would occur between the two, would be if Ariel got really drunk one night and hooked up with Flounder while trying to cope with her ichthyological roots and the horrid act of man and fish that must have occurred somewhere in her family history.


It may also be possible that Flounder was named just that because he was considered the ugly one " in the group, even though he clearly has the face of a Jeff.  If I had a fish that had eyebrows, I would try to name him something with a little bit more personality to it than Flounder.  Disney is slowly making up for what they did to kids in the past, but that doesn`t excuse them for the racial stereotyping or making horrifyingly ugly animals seem cuddly.  Discovering that not all Middle Easterners have genies and steal was a much easier pill to swallow.