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Published:May 18th, 2010 17:09 EST

Fetus > Woman... What???

By S. D.

Time and time again has the Catholic church proven that women - you know, actual human people - are less worthy of life than little clumps of cells. The most recent instance was this one, where a nun was excommunicated because (as a nurse) she allowed a woman to have an abortion in order to SAVE HER LIFE.

pro-choiceOf course, that`s completely wrong as far as the Catholic church is concerned. Silly woman. The fetus, who would have probably also died had the woman died, was still for some reason more important than the woman.

But hey! Somehow it all makes sense. Women (in general, not just this one) choose to have sex and therefore choose to run the risk of having to surrender their bodies to a fetus. And they have to face the consequences if that does happen. So... the fetus needs a womb to survive? Woman must provide it for nine months, no arguments. The fetus needs fried mommy fingers to survive? Woman must chop off her own, no arguments. Right?

I mean, what`s the difference between allowing her womb to be taken over by something unwanted and allowing her fingers to have the same thing done? Or her kidney? Obviously if the baby is born and ends up needing an extra kidney, the mother should be forced to give up her own. Even if she needs her own.

It was the woman`s choice to have evil, evil sex. She has to face the punishment for that sin now. She sold her soul to the devil with that sexy time... So now her body and her life aren`t actually hers anymore, they`re the fetus`s. And that`s how it should be, because that`s the penalty for having sex!

So thank you, Catholic church (and others who may agree with its decision). Thank you for making it clear that a pregnant woman is no longer actually a woman. She`s just a cow. She has no control over her body. In fact, her body no longer even belongs to her. It belongs to what`s inside her. Womb, stomach, arms, legs, whatever - all these things belong to what`s inside her. She`s a slave, and the fetus is her master. The fetus can do what it wants, can have what it wants - and the Catholic church will support it.

So as long as it`s the fetus murdering the woman in question, it`s perfectly okay if she dies.

No self-defense allowed.