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Published:June 16th, 2010 12:01 EST
donna summer

Questionable Lyrics In Disco CD Included In Wendy's Kid Meals?

By Robert Paul Reyes


"It was a quick dance for a disco CD included in Wendy`s kid meals.

That`s because the Atlanta-based burger chain pulled the prize due to questionable lyrics in one of the songs.

donna summer

Apparently, there are two sets of lyrics for Donna Summer`s `Last Dance.` And when the words are bad, they`re so, so bad.

The lyrics on the CD cover include the words `so bad.` But some heard the words `so horny` in the song, which was marked as safe for children 3-years-old and up. The company making the CDs for Wendy`s apparently included the adult version of the song." Read More

I love disco, I wasn`t one of those philistines who exclaimed "Disco Sucks!" in the late 70`s. My gosh, I used a bad word, I hope no small kids are reading this article.

It`s unfortunate that Wendy`s is pulling the disco CD, little kids should be exposed to all kinds of music. Maybe not all types of music, impressionable youth shouldn`t be exposed to the devil`s music of Justin Beiber and the Jonas Brothers.

In the song "Last Dance" Donna Summer may have bragged "when I`m bad, I`m so, so bad", but the lyrics of that disco classic are so, so tame compared to the lyrics of rap songs.

Three-year-old kids aren`t going to turn into a Tiger Woods or a Jesse James by hearing Donna Summer moan that "she`s so horny."

Wendy`s just lighten up, and put the disco CD back in their kid meals.

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