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Published:July 1st, 2010 23:23 EST
Russian Spies? Big Deal!

Russian Spies? Big Deal!

By Askin Ozcan (Mentor)

Robert Reyes is extremely accurate in his article, America Loves Gorgeous Russian Spy Anna Chapman .  Both the east and west are infested with spies from opposing Goverments. Why make a big deal out of this? Besides, the mention of a 5 year prison sentence is an indication that the crime that was done is light. Otherwise, if it were of a very serious nature to endanger a nation like the U.S.A., the sentence would have been very hard, including capital punishment, which is in practice in many U.S. states.

During the communist times, many who immigrated from east to west (not only Russians), had, I suppose, such secret duties, if not to their governments, to the industries of their governments. All those who immigrated from east to west, were given political asylum and in many western countries, they received generous social help.

How nice of these "spies" political or industrial, thrived on their new lands` generous social aid. Mind you, many from the west also had immigrated to the east under similar circumstances.

I met such a beauty like Anna Chapman, from Russia, in Stockholm. She answered to my ad in the local paper as I was seeking a friend who spoke many languages - to practice these languages. I received two replies: One, from a very beautiful Russian girl in Stockholm, who lived on a street named "Jungfrudansen". I lived at that time, on a street named "Jungfrugatan".  Another reply to my ad came from an American girl in Hamden, Connecticut, U.S.A. The suburb in Stockholm where I lived was "Handen".

One girl`s street name matched with my street name, the other girl`s town`s name matched with the name of where I lived.

Well, well, well. I couldn`t travel to Hamden, Connecticut, but I did meet the Russian beauty who lived in Stockholm.

I told her five excellent business ideas which we could do together because I didn`t think I could attract her as strongly, in another way. She could get the most handsome and the richest, very easily, with her beauty and charm.

She had been a secretary to a Russian diplomat in Stockholm, she said, and while in Stockholm, she jumped to the "west" and stayed in Stockholm.

After our first meeting she disappeared. Her phone didn`t answer, when I knocked on her door, it was silent.

The five very lucrative business ideas I gave her, were put on practice one by one. I related their stories in my book "STOCKHOLM STORIES" by Askin Ozcan, ISBN 1425771629 (Libras) available under my name, at or

The ugly thing was I never got a dollar, as she and her accomplices made millions with my five business ideas.

When east dropped "communism" and became capitalist, none of these who had immigrated from east to west, as political refugees, returned to their homelands.

Not even one percent of them.
Askin Ozcan is an author of six titles in different genres: SMALL MIRACLES, THE SECOND VENICE, STOCKHOLM STORIES, LIGHTNING AND A BOUQUET OF ROSES,