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Published:July 29th, 2010 18:54 EST
The SOP is the Place to Be

The SOP is the Place to Be

By Askin Ozcan (Mentor)

An extraordinary Newspaper is The SOP,, News articles of every genre roll down on its front page at a pleasant pace, allowing its readers to take notice of them during the day. After each story`s time on the front page is over, they still may be found archived in their respective categories indefiantly. The SOP has hundreds of  writers from around the world, both professional and novice journalists who bring their observations, opinions, ideas and concerns making it a very colorful style of media that responds to the varying  needs of its readers.

Serious articles, news written by precision, critical opinions mixed with humorous or poetic contributions. This newspaper is a place where experienced journalism meets the young ambitions and gives them the chance they need to develop themselves.

The SOP is also a terrific meeting place for its readers. Under the editorship of Judyth Piazza - its editor-in-chief along with scores of seasoned editors is continuously increasing its global readership and is currently ranked 99,558 worldwide according to Alexa, which is an Internet rating service.  The SOP is a top contender on its way to being a championship caliber newspaper.

For More information about the SOP, contact Judyth Piazza at

Newsblaze is another mover and shaker on the Internet that focuses on serious and up-to-date news both with a national and global concern, feed the inquisitive, intellectual minds, with the information they require. Worth reading alongside top papers.
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--- is a fantastic web-paper from the Orient. Based in Seoul, South Korea, it aims to provide news about Korea and has place also for very interesting and scientific and artistic articles, current global news and stories. Well edited and versatile, this web-paper is widely read not only in Asia, but also worldwide.

--- is the web-paper, if you are looking for current news and links related to Turkey - the important political and cultural bridge between west and the east. It encompasses every day, scores of articles about Turkey, from the world press.
--- and are the twin web-papers that answer to the needs of the "Venice" interested, in every way.

(This review has been written by Askin Ozcan, journalist and author whose articles can be read in,,,

Askin Ozcan is also the author of six books in different genres, published in the U.S.A.)