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Published:November 14th, 2006 14:51 EST
Iraqi Special Forces, Police Nab Cell Leaders, Members

Iraqi Special Forces, Police Nab Cell Leaders, Members

By SOP newswire

WASHINGTON, Nov. 14, 2006 " Iraqi special forces soldiers and police nabbed terror-cell leaders and members in raids in Baghdad over the last two days, U.S. officials reported. In addition, coalition forces killed 11 insurgents in Ramadi.

Coalition forces have killed 11 insurgents in three related incidents in Ramadi. In an incident today near Haswah, three insurgents were observed emplacing an improvised explosive device. They were engaged with small-arms fire and a main-tank-gun round. Two insurgents were killed.

In a raid yesterday in the same area, special Iraqi police forces with coalition advisors captured six insurgents believed to be responsible for car-bomb attacks against Iraqi civilians and security forces. The insurgents are also allegedly responsible for criminal activities including extortion, murder, kidnapping and car theft in the Haswah and Baghdad areas. The insurgents also help finance other insurgent cells.

Last night, coalition forces engaged a small number of insurgents emplacing an improvised explosive device. Two insurgents died in the engagement. The three remaining insurgents returned to the emplacement site, and coalition forces fired one main-tank-gun round, killing all three insurgents.

Following an IED attack on a coalition vehicle four hours later in the same vicinity, four insurgents were killed after they attempted to take mission-essential equipment from the vehicle. Two of the insurgents were killed by small-arms fire, and two were killed with one main-tank-gun round. This event occurred during curfew hours.

Nine additional suspects were detained by Iraqi forces during the raid, and several assault rifles were confiscated. Iraqi forces entered a mosque compound while conducting the operation but did not enter the mosque. Coalition forces did not enter the mosque compound or the mosque.

Elsewhere, U.S. Army soldiers detained three suspected terrorists in Baghdad`s Doura neighborhood around 5:45 a.m. yesterday. The soldiers, from 4th Brigade, 4th Infantry Division, responded to a rocket attack and observed two suspects fleeing from the scene. The suspects attempted to evade the patrol, but were unsuccessful. The patrol secured the suspects for further questioning.

In a Nov. 12 raid in Arab A` Jabur, special Iraqi security forces with coalition advisors captured four members of an insurgent cell believed to be responsible for murders, kidnappings and bomb attacks that have killed and injured Iraqi civilians and Iraqi police forces.

The insurgents were also allegedly responsible for taking over Iraqi civilian houses in the area to use for expanding their network, causing families to be displaced.

No Iraqi forces or civilians or coalition forces were killed during these incidents.

(Compiled from Multinational Corps Iraq news releases.)