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Published:August 18th, 2007 13:17 EST

Taiwan's UN bid

By SOP newswire

To galvanize Taiwan's first effort of joining the United Nations under the name of "Taiwan", the Government Information Office (GIO) has launched an ad to promote Taiwan's UN bid in international circles on August 16. After an introduction by GIO Minister Shieh Jhy-wey, a 30-second 3D commercial and four different types of shirts with this year's theme printed on them were revealed. It is hoped that through this kind of creative ad and via effective media, Taiwan's appeal to join the UN will be able to exert a moving and lasting effect.

Minister Shieh pointed out that the theme of this year's UN ad highlights a Taiwan-shaped humpback whale confined in a fish bowl. With the slogan "A vital life should not be limited, a democratic nation not isolated, "the ad seeks to convey a message that an energetic whale like Taiwan should be cruising freely with its own kind rather than be shackled in a tiny fish bowl. As such, the image of Taiwan's limited international status should be solved with a resolution to "End Political Apartheid!" which appears in a red graph next to the confined-Taiwan image. In conclusion, the message is extremely clear that UN Membership for "Taiwan" is the solution to end Taiwan's international dilemma. The global community should not only take off the straitjacket imposed on Taiwan but also to help it to join the United Nations.

Minister Shieh contends that President Chen Shui-bian's letters to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon regarding Taiwan's wish to join the UN was rejected by the incorrect citation of the UN 2758 Resolution. The deed was a negligence of the 23 million Taiwanese people's human rights as well as a violation of the universal membership principle stated by the UN Charter. The United Nations should not shut out a democratic and free Taiwan based on a Chinese civil war result that ended decades ago between two dictators - Mao Zedong and Chiang Kai-shek.

In addition to its solemn yet colorful statement, the ad will be promoted in languages other than English. The Japanese, Russian, Spanish, German, French and Chinese versions will be passed on to major worldwide electronic media by the GIO overseas offices to reach a wider coverage. Starting this September, buses in New York City will carry Taiwan's UN bid ad through routes covering the UN headquarters. Ads will also be posted on telephones booths in the UN building's vicinity. The ad's printed format will be seen in major international printed media. Via the combination of exposing the ad in different types of media, it is hoped that the graphic of a confined Taiwan will generate a visual impact as well as an influential power.

Minister Shieh portrayed Taiwan as whale that has weathered many predicaments on the high seas, like martial law and being dismissed from the UN. Nonetheless, it has survived the ordeals. Today, although trapped in a variety of quagmires, Taiwan still hopes that the global community will support it to enter the UN in the name of human rights and justice.

This year's ad is scheduled to appear on August 25th on the New York Times Web site. It will then be shown in Time Magazine and other media. Also, the GIO will instruct its officials worldwide to promote Taiwan's stance and requests on the matter in order to obtain the support and understanding of the world's media.

Source:Government Information Office, Republic of China (Taiwan)