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Published:January 4th, 2008 05:18 EST
Judyth Please Listen, Lies are not Enough to Start a Nation

Judyth Please Listen, Lies are not Enough to Start a Nation


Thank you for publishing my contribution on PKK  and Kurds. I have noticed that a really heated terrorist has reacted to it. apparently this is the new education in the world today: TERRORISM. soon we should not be surprised if universities offer courses and degrees in terrorism.

I understand, like wars, terrorism is also a good market for selling weapons and exploiting people. If you deem suitable, I would be thankful if you publish the following article again without any name, under "newswire".

While the world is striving after unity today, to solve its problems and establish peace; terrorist groups, PKK one of them, claiming not to be fascistic, but truly democratic, want to divide Turkey by terrorism.  It is not only that, they finance their terrorism by being No.1 narcotics smuggling organization in EU.  Their two, 6% presence in the democratic Turkish Parliament is apparently not enough to realize their fascistic aims by democratic means.  If they claim, PKK represents Kurds in Turkey-, which it does not- (as PKK and its offspring DTP in the Turkish Parliament are supported by max 5% of the Kurds in Turkey) why do not they suffice by taking democratic measures to realize their aims.

The self-defense of Turkey and action against terrorist PKK has been decided upon by 95% votes in The Turkish Parliament and Kurds who are within that 95% also voted against PKK terrorism and Turkey`s self-defense against it and necessitated military action against PKK, which was unfortunately delayed.

Kurds in Turkey do not want a separate state.  Their voting, not for the separatism oriented and PKK allied DTP, but for other parties in Turkey, which want to keep Turkey intact as one nation clearly, shows their preference and decision.  One thinks, how on earth then, PKK imagines to realize their aim to divide Turkey and establish a separate state, with 95% Kurds in Turkey and 97.4% of all the people in Turkey opposing that and with Turkish Army, USA and EU all supporting the democratic decision of the 70 million Turkish nation to fight back the terrorist PKK.


Turkey has absolutely and definitely nothing against Kurds, who are one of the Cornerstones of the Nation of Turkey.  If it had, Kurds in Turkey would support the PKK allied DTP and its votes would not be a mere 2.6% but a much higher percentage.  If it had, Turkey would not save and protect and they give refuge to half million Kurds who fled from Saddam`s regime also supplying them with tents, food, medicines and medical care while at the same time her own people lacked welfare.

If it had, it would close off the border crossing in Harbur, which would kill all Trade, commerce, and life in Northern Irak.  Turkey thinks of Kurds.  It is the PKK, which is not thinking of the Kurds.

Murdering innocent people in Turkey by bombing and land mines, murdering innocent people in EU with their narcotics smuggling, sold through the outlet of Tens of thousands of PKK allied pizzerias, pubs, cafes, restaurants are enough! This terrorist organization must be cleaned off the map.