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Published:January 6th, 2008 04:11 EST
What's happening in Kirkuk?

What's happening in Kirkuk?

By SOP newswire

Kirkuk is the name of the oil-rich town in northern Irmak.

During Saddam times, Arabs were in majority in Kirkuk.  Kurds, Turkmen’s were in minority.  Now, after the USA occupation of Irak, because of the assumed Mass Destruction Weapons.  Irak is said to have, but which were never found, The Kurdish local Government under Barzani, has done all possible to drive off the Arabs and the Turkmen’s from Kirkuk, so its population shows a Kurdish majority, which will help Northern Iraqi Kurds, control the oil rich Kirkuk.

Both Arabs and Turkmen’s are expelled from Kirkuk and relocated to other towns and Kurds are being planted in Kirkuk to achieve the dream of Barzani, The northern Iraqi Kurdish leader, whose ambition is to set-up a Kurdistan in northern Irak - a state within a state.  In compliance with Barzani's dream, Bombings even are occurring in Kirkuk, to kill the Arabs and the Turkmen is as the media often relates.  Northern Irak is not really a safe and quiet Corner of Irak.

Now, after six months, a referendum has been planned for Kirkuk and obviously With the masses of Arabs and Turkmen’s scared off and relocated from Kirkuk,

In addition, masses of  Kurds imported to it, the new majority of Kirkuk, the Iraqi Kurds Will be in control of this oil rich important city, in the name of democracy.

In Irak, the majority of population is Arabs.  Kurds are in minority.  If a Kurdistan is established in northern Irak, the national sovereignty of Irak will cease to exist and will be ground to a civil war after the retreat of the USA, which will be another sign of a  war and unrest in Irak, as the consequence of USA's occupation of Irak.

Trade and commerce in Kirkuk is 90% dependent on the imports from Turkey, Via Harbur, the border crossing between Turkey and Irak.  Turkey respects the importance of this border crossing for northern Iraqi Kurds and has so far kept it open, although Barzani is not cooperating with the cleaning up of the PKK posts in Northern Irak (which he once did during Saddam time).

The Kurds in northern Irak is weary of the fact that neither their local government nor the Iraqi national Government are not doing anything to clean off the PKK camps which are outlawed internationally (which Syria did successfully in her own territory) and the presence of PKK in northern Irak is indeed a big head-ache for the northern Iraqi Kurds.


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