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Published:February 13th, 2008 10:48 EST
News:The Amsterdam Employment Office Crammed with Flamboyantly Dressed Ladies

News:The Amsterdam Employment Office Crammed with Flamboyantly Dressed Ladies

By Krzys Wasilewski


MONROVIA, Liberia. Dozens of men stood at attention as their commander-in-chief, President Ellen-Johnson Sirleaf, urged them to live up to the high expectations of the Liberian People. Decades of civil wars ravaged this first African republic and it was time the army guaranteed peace and stability, said the president. The occasion of this emotional address was the 100th anniversary of the creation of the Armed Forces of Liberia. Being the oldest national army on the continent, it is also one of the smallest ones " the total manpower comprises of 1,131, including 11 officers.


 CAYENNE, French Guiana. The tiny remnant of the French colonial empire located on the northern tip of Latin America is often omitted by the mighty of this planet, but on Tuesday it hosted leaders of two world powers. Brazilian President Lula da Silva met with his French counterpart, Nicholas Sarkozy, to finalize talks on a multi-billion dollar military deal. According to the agreement, France will provide Brazil with its military technology, mainly helicopters and air fighters. The most important point, however, speaks of Brazil obtaining French conventional submarines which, after minor changes, could be equipped with nuclear engines. It would make Brazil the first Latin American country with a flotilla of nuclear submarines.


CANBERRA, Australia. At least 1,000 civilians would have been killed, if the police had not cracked down on a homegrown terrorist organization with links to Al-Qaeda. During a court hearing of 12 suspected terrorists, members of the jury heard the leader of the group instructing his associates in a phone call to target women, children, and the aged. " The threat of terrorist attacks has been a serious problem for the country as it remains a staunch ally of America in the war on terror.

DILI, East Timor. The state of emergency will continue for at least 10 more days as governmental forces try to stabilize the country after assassination attempts of the president and prime minister. The former was shot in the stomach during a rebel raid on his mansion on Monday morning; the latter escaped a car trap on the same day. The provisions of the extended emergency rule forbid public demonstrations, suspend some constitutional privileges, and give the police the right to arrest without charges. Meanwhile, the body of a man who stood behind both Monday attacks, Alfredo Reinardo, was transported to his home village where numerous peasants paid him a tribute worthy of a national hero.


AMSTERDAM, Netherlands. The Amsterdam employment office may soon be crammed with flamboyantly dressed ladies as the city`s lawmakers decided that every agency that gives jobs to prostitutes must obtain special permission. If they fail to do it within the next six weeks they will be forced out of business. There are about 120 such agencies operating in Amsterdam, employing women from around the world. It is estimated that some 1,200 prostitutes work on their own.

COPENHAGEN, Denmark. The famous cartoons of the prophet Muhammad " which sparked an outburst of massive violence in the Muslim world three years ago " were reprinted on Wednesday as a sign of solidarity with their author. Yesterday the metropolitan police arrested three men for conspiring to kill the cartoonist who has been living with a price on his head since 2005. The first print of his works, which pictured the prophet as a bloodthirsty suicide bomber, was met with the severe damaging of several Danish embassies in Arabia and the boycott of Denmark-made products.


BAGHDAD, Iraq. In a rare example of national unity, the Iraqi parliament managed to vote through three long-awaited pieces of legislation. Threatened by the vision of political chaos, lawmakers accepted a blueprint for new parliamentary elections, unblocked almost $50 billion dollars for this year`s budget and granted amnesty to some prisoners sentenced for minor crimes. The United States welcomed the new legislation as it was feared that further parliamentary procrastination could reverse the positive gains obtained by the recent surge of American troops.


WASHINGTON, DC. Prompted by considerable wins in the Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia primaries, Barack Obama takes his main political rivals, John McCain and Hillary Clinton, to task for allowing the American economy to slump. The Senator of Illinois said that, busy with the war in Iraq, both Republicans and Democrats had overlooked the first symptoms of recession and if the country managed to regain its previous strength it would be owned to forces beyond our control. "

WASHINGTON, DC. U.S. President George W. Bush called on Congress to accelerate the works on the Surveillance Act. In his speech, the president said that while congressmen were deliberating on new provisions, terrorists [were] planning new attacks on our country. " Some lawmakers, however, fear that an extended surveillance act could infringe on basic constitutional rights.