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Published:March 11th, 2008 15:10 EST
World Chronicle: March 11

World Chronicle: March 11

By Krzys Wasilewski


KHARTOUM, Sudan. The Sudanese president said Tuesday he did not believe Chad would comply with the peace deal that both countries are to accept this week in Senegal. Quoted by the AFP news agency, President Beshir complained that although Sudan and Chad had signed five similar documents before, the latter had had a long record of breaking the established conditions. Recent tensions between the two neighbors increased after Chadian rebels, allegedly supported by Khartoum, almost toppled down the government in N’djamena.


MEXICO CITY, Mexico. Nine children, aged 3-8, died in a car accident in central Mexico after the SUV driven by their 19-year-old teacher veered into a canal and sank. The local police told the Associated Press that the vehicle had only five seats what could explain why most children didn’t have their safety belts fastened. The teacher said that she had lost control of the car when one of her students grabbed the wheel and moved it suddenly.


SEOUL, South Korea. Former U.S. President George H. W. Bush arrived in the South Korean capital on Tuesday to hold talks with private defense companies. During the three-day visit, the 41st president is expected to confer with several executives and top his Asia tour with the meeting with the incumbent president of South Korea. However, as the AFP news agency writes on Tuesday quoting a South Korean source, Bush may also try to pay a visit to North Korea to help broker a nuclear disarmament deal with the communist regime that Washington has wanted to finalize for months.


BRUSSELS, Belgium. Belgian Jews, whose property was damaged or looted by the Nazis during World War II, will be paid compensation by the Belgian government. The decision is the culmination of a long debate about whether a country attacked by a foreign aggressor is responsible for his wrongdoings. The sum of $170 million will be divided among the Holocaust survivors and their families. Belgium was attacked by Germany in May 1940 and in 18 days, it was completely under the Nazi’s control. It is estimated that some 25,000 Belgian Jews were transported to Auschwitz never to come back.


JERUSALEM, Israel. The body of the Palestinian who killed eight Jewish teenagers last Friday is being held in custody by the Israeli police. The reason is a probable political rally that usually follows funerals of suicide bombers, who are considered martyrs by their fellow Muslims. The police told the Associated Press that the body would be released when the family agreed on a small ceremony, restricted to very few relatives. The efforts to bury the body on Monday were derailed by the appearance of Palestinian cameramen who wanted to broadcast the funeral.


NEW YORK CITY, NY. Gov. Eliot Spitzer, wider known as “Client 9,” has been under enormous pressure to resign after it came to light that he had been a regular client at the Emperors Club VIP prostitution service. The governor, who liked to advertise himself as an anti-corruption prosecutor, is reported to have paid one of call girls, Kristen, to arrive in his hotel room in Washington where they had a sexual intercourse. The one-hour meeting cost the governor over $4,000. According to the wiretaps, which recorded Spitzer phone calls, it had not been the first time the New York governor became involved with prostitutes.


WASHINGTON, DC. Republican presidential contender Sen. John McCain faces tough questions after it has emerged that some of his economic advisers worked for a European company that won a $35 billion contract to provide the U.S. military with air tankers. Apart from the European Airbus, also the American Boeing was competing for the deal with its 767 model. McCain told the Associated Press on Tuesday that he had nothing to do with the contract, but admitted he had always supported “fair and open and transparent” rules.