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Published:October 1st, 2008 18:39 EST
Pirates Seize Ship And Demand 20 Million Ransom

Pirates Seize Ship And Demand 20 Million Ransom

By Robert Paul Reyes

When I think of pirates Johnny Depp`s fey interpretation of the scoundrels comes to mind, but real flesh and blood pirates are still wreaking havoc on the high seas. Witness the following story from the Associated Press:

"As a heavily armed U.S. destroyer patrolled nearby and planes flew overhead Sunday, a Somali pirate spokesman told The Associated Press his group was demanding a $20 million ransom to release a cargo ship loaded with Russian tanks.

The spokesman also warned that the pirates would fight to the death if any country tried military action to regain the ship, and a man who said he was the ship`s captain reported that one crew member had died.

Pirates seized the Ukrainian-operated ship Faina off the coast of Somalia on Thursday as it headed to Kenya carrying 33 Russian-built T-72 tanks and a substantial amount of ammunition and spare parts. The ordnance was ordered by the Kenyan government."


Pirates are a scourge and nations should band together to wipe out these criminals. But I must give credit to the pirates for honesty, when asked by a journalist what they wanted one of the leaders answered: We want money, nothing but money. They aren`t pretending to having taken such a drastic action in protest against globalization, America`s invasion and occupation of Iraq or Sarah Palin`s selection as John McCain`s VP.

Unfortunately, today`s pirates aren`t armed with swords, but with the latest and most lethal machines of war. These sea robbers attack ships all over the world, but Africa is the hotspot for piracy.

Putin (the real leader of Russia) doesn`t have to worry about public opinion polls, I hope he delivers the following ultimatum to the buccaneers: You have an hour to give up or you will be sleeping next to David Jones locker.