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Published:December 16th, 2008 12:18 EST
Press Review on Cameroon Gossip

Press Review on Cameroon Gossip

By Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo

Press review on Cameroon gossip is a rundown of monthly briefings from local journals nationwide. It focuses on burning issues within the nation, as well as other local info including what I think`.

The November editions on Cameroon gossip;

3 top military commanders sacked, while others were arrested

Cameroon soldiers: any patriotism left?  Ernest Sumelong & Francis Tim Mbom; a presidential decree published Saturday, November 1st, sacked three military commanders in Limbe;

Commander of the naval base, roger Tientcho who was replaced with Martin Nforbinson, commander of the operation Delta Force in charge of Bakassi expedition, colonel Hypolite Ebaka, the commander of the Naval Base at Man O war Bay, commander of the Gendarmerie Company in Limbe, Benjamin Bamba.

Meanwhile, other military officers are currently being detained in Buea. These, the post learnt that the sacked was in connection to the robbery operation that took place in Limbe September 28th and failure of officials to had mobilized troops to intervene.

The sacking came on the heels of investigations into the robbery carried out by General Pierre Samobo barely fives days after the scene. In his stay in Limbe investigating, he reportedly grilled several high profiled administrative and military personnel in connection with the robbery.

Of those grilled, the post learnt, were the SDO for Fako, Jules Marcellin, the Limbe Police Commissioner, including some Soldiers & Police officers. Besides, the post also gathered information that some seven soldiers who happened to have been on guard that night of the robbery attacked were on Friday October 31st detent in Buea, and will have to face military tribunal speculations.

Some scientists say they have found a molecule in Cameroon breed pawpaw which if extracted would provide a major break-through in treatment of HIV/AIDs. And they are quiet convinced that this molecule, to "become the antiretroviral is having a negative impact on patients, especially children of age 1-18 years

This research was done by Professor Luc Montage in association with host of Italian researchers.

We are starting a new phase of research which we will use natural plants to find molecules to be used in research. We have already identify molecules for anti-retroviral for children and we are advising early diagnosis in new-born, so we will be providing them with new anti-retroviral .this new antiretroviral in used, is toxic to the children? Prof. Vittorio, head of the Italian team on this research, told the post.

President Biya 26th anniversary. So?

After 26 years, what legacy? Francis Wache; Mr. Paul Barthelemy Bi Mvondo Biya has been in power for 26 years. Some people consider those years too long, but Biya and his acolytes say that it is not long enough.

A year back, when Biya was asked what he would love to be remembered for; he gloated that he would want history to remember him as the man who brought democracy to
Cameroon. Although Biya grudgingly accepted multiparty politics and yet, the so called democracy is continues rigging of elections, opponents to the regime are molested, intimidated, arrested imprison, maimed and sometimes murder. Another problem that has refused to go away is corruption.

In his 2000 New Year message Biya admitted: selfishness and the love of money have overshadowed the traditional moral values of charity and solidarity. Clearly, some form of materialism has developed to detriment of spirituality.

President Biya, 25 years and counting? Dibussi Tande; when Paul Biya became president on November 6, 1982, he seemed determined to break away from, and put an end to the client list policies of Ahidjo era; to establish a more humane nationalist agenda that respected ethnic and linguistic diversity but frowned on tribalism; encourage state decentralization and introduce grassroots democracy within the single party. In practice, however Paul Biya failed to transform his nationalistic and progressive political vision into reality.

26 years in power; what Biya got right ? Canute Tangwa; most
Cameroon watchers are settled on one thing: the Biya administration is lamentable failure in view of the effervescence and hope it generated in the early 1980s.

The site galloping inflation, two-digit unemployment levels, trade balance deficit, very low domestic savings, high corruption index, high cost of living, increasing insecurity, unfriendly investment and so on.

Nemesis has caught up with Biya ? Abraham Neba; every ruler`s reign has two sides; the ruler either rules very well or badly. The worst is when a ruler rules for a very long period. In such an incident there is the tendency that the ruler exhausts all his ability and will start repeating everything over and over.

I believe that nemesis has caught up with Biya on the throne.

Unfortunately for the always-assuming to ever remain winning party, this time, some senior party militants developed the courage, challenging their fear by openly saying that they want Biya-national chairman, to go.

The YCPDM section president for Fako I, Isaac Inongo has lashed out at the senior militants of the CPDM for wanting Paul Biya to go by not implementing his firm instructions to empower youths and give them positions of responsibility.

Inongo, addressing militants in Limbe during Biya` 26th anniversary, he said despite the fact that we are now celebrating our president`s 26th anniversary and at the same time clamoring for him to take another presidential mandate, there are some militants here who want Biya to go. Surprisingly, some of them are very senior militants.

Ask me who they are and how? Firstly, these are militants who see youth usefulness only during voting periods, besides, eventful days, where the youths are also expected to be running around registering voters, campaigning and working timelessly to ensure victory for our party. What do they expect the youths to do during other days which are not eventful (11th February, 20th May.)

A presidential decree signed Wednesday, November 12, has created 10 regions in the country. According to the decree, the regions have been carved out of the 10 existing provinces with their capitals maintained. The regions, the decree states; would be administered by governors. The president`s decree is in accordance with article 61 of the 1996 constitution. while article 56 of same constitution states; the state shall transfer to regions, under conditions laid down by law, jurisdiction in areas necessary for their economic, social, health, educational, cultural and sports development.

From Provinces to Regions: matter of semantics? Mark Bara Bareta; the presidential decree changing the names of Cameroon`s ten provinces to regions can there fore be seen simply as a matter of semantics; it has just shown Biya as a good linguist.

Be it as it may, the presidential decree which change the provinces to regions still has as modus operadi the appointments of state governors, senior divisional officials by the president of the republic. Law no 2008/001 of 14 April 2008, amending the 1996 constitution was promulgated.

Article 61 of this new constitution gives room for all of Cameroon`s ten provinces to be transformed in to regions and according to same article (61 a, b) the president of the republic may change names, modify geographical boundaries of regions while affixing the regions` names if new ones are created.

In this light, I shall be examining this provision in two fold;

Firstly, I consider this as a gradual and continued assimilation of Anglophone Cameroon. The Biya regime is doing every thing possible to wipe away any trace of mentality and culture that deals with Anglophone Cameroon so that in some years to come the children and great grand children of Anglophone Cameroon shall know nothing about the past and simply believe that this was just a region rather than a country that voted to join their brothers across the Mungo on an equal status in which both countries were supposed to function in a federal system.

Secondly, the changing of names is giving the impression that administration will be closer to the people as per the constitution where state power will be decentralized to regional and local councils thus bringing development to the region. Whether we like it or not, region councils will just be the same as our present municipal councils though the structure changes, the functionality will not.

  We want federal states not a decentralized unitary system? Chief A.S. Ngwana; we are very disappointed to read that on Wednesday, November 12th, president Paul Biya, signed a decree transforming the 10 existing provinces in to regions.

A worthless change of name!

Cameroon requires states not regions. Cameroon wants a federal system of government, not a unitary system of government with decentralization where the people vote their own chief executive, who owes allegiance to his electorate and is answerable to them.

Minister promise to improve lecturers` pay

A communiqué signed by the minister of higher education, Prof. Jacques Fame Ndongo, has stipulated that university lecturers` salaries could be improved.

According to the Buea branch president of the national syndicate of teachers of higher education, SYNES, Dr. Mike Yamou, the duration of the strike which they called off recently was predetermined.

He said the strike was intended to be a warning, after which they would have to wait for government`s reaction. On whether they are satisfied with the minister`s communiqué, he said; our problems have not been solved. Lecturers will continue while waiting to see whether the improvement will be reflected in the current budget. ?

Meanwhile, lecturers of the national advanced school of post & telecommunication in Yaoundé are also threatening to suspend lectures indefinitely if their allowances are not paid.

Musicians including other artists in littoral have sworn to treat anyone found with a pirated CD worse than an armed robber. For it`s no news to the society that piracy renders them miserable and less inspirational.

The artists decided on this fate at the
Cameroon cultural centre in Douala, Oct 29th at the press conference that was aimed at abridging the phenomenon.

Bakassi rebels release hostages

Some 10 hostages (6 French nationals, 3 Cameroonians, 1 Senegalese) who were kidnapped by the Bakassi freedom fighters were release November11th. According to the commander Ebi Dari of Niger Delta Defense Council, one of the groups that make up the Bakassi freedom fighters; the 10 hostages were exchanged for 13 pirates who were captured by Cameroonian soldiers when the rebels attacked Cameroonian positions, some 2months ago.

According to Ebi Dari no ransom was paid, what happened was an exchange of prisoners, not an accord on our part, it was a show of good will towards
Cameroon. There will be no peace in Bakassi until Cameroon opens negotiation with us`, he concluded.

The agreement to exchange the hostages came after four days of intense negotiations which under the personal tutelage of the head of state, Paul Biya.

Street children regain home

Over 17 street children were, Monday November 17, handed back to their families after several months of rehabilitation.

The children, aged between four and eighteen, accepted to return home in a ceremony organized by the minister of social affairs, Catherine Mbakang Mbock. Whose vision is intended to rehabilitate at least 800 street children yearly?

According to some of the street children who spoke to the post, said hunger, peer pressure, psychological and physical conflicts were their major push factors talking them to the streets.

Internet scammer nabbed!

The brazen adventures of a supposed Mutengene-based scammer, whose name the post got as Roland Obi Ayuk, Saturday, November 22nd when he fell into the hands of the Buea judiciary police. Ayuk, 29, showed at the Mutengene COFINES money agency to pick up another juicy package from the last of his numerous philanthropists? Victims who donate this sum knowing that he`s been using to help some desperate pygmies of the East province.

Government pledges to reconcile development programme and IMF constraints
it is now evident that government is becoming fed-up with the IMF imposed conditionality to accordingly bail the country from its long economic crunch. Prime mister Inoni acknowledge that development in the country under Biya had been slow but blamed this on what he described as IMF constraints, and this programme must end next year, that is the more reason why priority for 2009 budget has been given to public investments through development projects.
Government plan of action for next year was also presented with emphasis on cultural and new social order for

Prolonged detention without trial is violation of human rights?  The chairman of the national commission on human rights & freedom, NCHRF, Dr. Divine Chemuta made this remark, October 30th in Yaoundé conference centre during the sixth ordinary session of the members of the national commission on human rights.

He condemned Cameroon`s penitentiary system for violation of human rights and freedoms through prolonged detention without trials.

What I think the month November has been such an experimental month for me; I am still to confirm all my results before issuing out the final judgment.

Imagine a Cameroon reality film just like the Big daddies-Idia Amin (Uganda), Hotel Rwanda, Sometimes in April (Rwanda), Sarafina (South Africa), Limumba (Congo Kinshasa), Mobutu Seseseko (Congo Kinshasa) etc.

 I will be so glad and must be among the first to book a ticket to have a copy of the film (if God permits me to). I am quite convinced this will be a brilliant milieu for Cameroonian to better understand this nation.

I love this beautiful zone of the universe, and I`m pretty sure you do too.

It was November 8th,
6pm GMT when it all started. Some people say, it is malaria, typhoid, 7+1 nothing happened which I can remember.

I slept in pains feeling feverish, shivering that was all. I didn`t feel any joint-bone pains, not even wanting to vomit nor running stomach, except for the fact that I didn`t feel like eating, which is no news.

Monday, 10th
9:25 am GMT, I went for consultation at our famous general hospital; I sat for 1 hour before it was my turn to consult.

That is just part 1 of the story.

10:38 am GMT, I was sitting on the other site of the bench waiting to meet the doctor. Behold! I was told Doctors are having a very important meeting; in fact, they were jubilating with the new director who has just been installed in the hospital.

Truly, I could see the joy on their faces which was accompany with noise, laughter?

All these was going before I finished at the consultation ward, so in total I spent 1hr 30 minutes waiting for the doctor to attend to some patient who had come before me, and then me.

11: 50 am GMT, it was my turn, and the doctor was a woman.

I was happy to be meeting a lady, for sure; I will be comfortable talking to her.  She conducted her own experimental-check up, and sends me to the lab.

Immediately, I left her office, I went to the cashier for they to calculate my bills so that I such be sure, on which test to conduct if I run short of cfa.

12:40 am GMT, they took my blood sample and asked me to hang around and come collect my results after 2 hours.

No problem, I waited for more than 2 hours, while those who had come after me and before me had collected their results.

Still! I didn`t complaint. I waited and waited until it was 4pm GMT I heard a name like mine, I went inside, told them  I heard my name, they flip through result papers and remove my result sheet and gave me.

It was 4pm already, I was fatigue yet I went back to the doctor`s office for her to finally interpret my result and tell me what the problem was? The moment I peeped through and noticed that the bench by her door was empty, strange! Saying to myself; Patient come minute by minutes, how comes the bench is naked. I then move closer and this good Cameroonian told me that the doctor has close, come back again tomorrow`.

Cameroon de grandes ambitions!

I left, tomorrow Tuesday, I came to the hospital at
2pm GMT and unfortunate for me, I meet her outside her office.

I greeted her and told her why I was there. She responded why coming now, I have close, I can`t attend to you on the road, I will be on call in the night`.

I know it was my fault; I would have come earlier in the day.

Wednesday 12th, I thought I was ok and every thing was fine. gosh!  I couldn`t step a feet out of my bed, everything started at fresh, same symptom.

I said to my self Thursday, if God permits I will go and make sure that I understand what the problem is?

For the results were all negative, that I know though I wanted the doctor to say it herself with her own mouth. I know I am not a medic but I can sometimes interpret lab result since I have spent some time with lab technicians.

Thursday 13th, I went to the hospital very early than any person could imagine.
Guess what? I was told that doctors will not be on duty today because they are having a very important meeting at the delegation.

Cameroon de grandes ambitions! I came back home with no idea on what I am sick of.

Friday 14th, this time, I meet the doctor on sit, I gave her my results and she said` all your results are negative` then I told her that I still feel the same, no changes, what could be the problem?

My fellow country people, guess what a doctors is telling a patient who is psychologically disturbed and traumatize; mmh, I don`t know?

I pretended as though I didn`t get her, and repeated myself, this time she was silence, but busying prescribing me drugs.

Again I thought, I should carry out a different test, I told her that; doctor I will want to conduct the following test; VDRL/TYHA, WIDAL, FULL BLOOD COUNT.

The only advice she said what do what ever you want`.

I was confused in doubts if I had offended her in any way unknowingly or what. I tried but couldn`t figure it out.

I felt bad, disappointed and frustrated , saying to myself that how can a medical person be treating patients this way, if I was week, I would had thought that surely, she is sure I wouldn`t make it, yet I`m insisting on doing test which is just a waste of money.

Again, I was like, this profession is a vocation that is why not every person can handle it not because people can`t read and validate the entire medical courses but because they know, they don`t have the gift to be patient, tolerance to attend to the sick and weak spirited.

Even if I was boring, she is to understand that the moment your psychology is upset, it`s obvious somebody must be by you to reset this grey-white matter.

How does it feel?