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Published:January 7th, 2009 17:56 EST
Muslims, Gaza

Children of Gaza Used as Weapons of Media Distortion

By John Lillpop

If there is indeed a dimension called Hell, there must be a particularly uninhabitable section reserved exclusively for evil sub-humans who use innocent children as fodder for war.

Muslims, GazaLike Palestinians, for example.

Much of the world, including most if, not all, Muslims, condemn Israel for the tragic deaths of children in Gaza. However, the fact is that Palestinians slaughter innocent children for political purposes and exploit the deaths of their own children to spread propaganda.

While the world gasps in collective horror at images of mangled young Palestinian bodies doused in blood as a result of missiles fired by the Israel military, many forget that Palestinians are directly responsible for the blood shed and carnage.

Launching attacks against Israel from Mosques occupied by children and other civilians is pure evil. Attempting to blame Israel for subsequently hitting such sites in self-defense is both evil and stupid.

A recent Israeli attack on a rocket-launching site unintentionally cost three Palestinian children their lives. Allowing the children to "play" in and around the launching site was inhuman and all too typical of Muslim disregard for human life.

Unimaginable evil also causes Palestinians to raise their children to be suicide bombers.

How many times have we seen a Muslim parent boast with enormous pride when an offspring has blown his or her self into smithereens just to kill as many Jews as possible?

How can a parent with such an evil and blatant disregard for his or her own flesh and blood make a convincing argument against Israel?

For Muslims who really give a damn about human life, there is a simple solution:

* Stop assaulting Israel with rockets;

* Stop hiding behind children and religious buildings to wage war;

* Stop raising your children to hate and kill Jews; and

* Accept the fact that Israel is a valid entity and will not be obliterated or driven into the sea.

Of course, none of these ideas will resonant with people who simply do not give a damn about human life and who, in fact, worship death.