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Published:January 11th, 2009 15:30 EST
Giant Panda Bites Third Victim

Giant Panda Bites Third Victim

By Robert Paul Reyes

" A panda with a record of aggressive behavior attacked a man who jumped into its enclosure at a Beijing zoo to pick up a toy, local media said on Thursday.

Twice before he has attacked people who climbed in to his cage, one of whom was drunk and the other who was simply curious, the newspaper added."

Ben Blanchard/Reuters

I disagree with the reporter`s characterization of the panda`s behavior as "aggressive", the poor thing was only defending its turf. If a drunk breaks into my house he`s lucky if I don`t blow him away, and that doesn`t make me an aggressive person. We are allowed to use lethal force to protect ourselves and our property.

Giant Pandas are cute as the dickens, but some idiots don`t realize that these adorable creatures are huge bears. It`s OK to take a photo of a panda, but it`s not Ok to jump into its enclosure to give it a hug or to retrieve a toy.

This incident happened in Beijing, if the same thing happened in an American zoo the man would have contacted a lawyer as soon as he was released from the hospital.

Fortunately, the man`s injuries were not serious, his pride was hurt more than anything else.