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Published:January 20th, 2009 00:56 EST
Victory For Israel: Hamas Cowards Hid From Mighty Israeili Army

Victory For Israel: Hamas Cowards Hid From Mighty Israeili Army

By Robert Paul Reyes

The 2006 war between Israel and Hezbollah was widely perceived as a victory for the terrorist organization. The mighty Israeli army was able to destroy Lebanon`s infrastructure and Hezbollah`s buildings with impunity, but the terrorist guerillas gained a lot of "street cred" in Muslim countries for standing up to the great "Zionist enemy". Israel didn`t achieve its primary objective of reducing Hezbollah`s military arsenal, the terrorist organization has more rockets today than it did in 2006.

After many months of putting up with a daily barrage of rockets from Hamas, Israel finally decided to strike back in a major offensive. Israel pummeled Gaza from the air,and then invaded the strip to finish its goal of destroying caches of rockets, and demolishing tunnels used to smuggle weapons from Egypt.

Lebanon 2006 may have been a Pyrrhic victory for Israel, but the Gaza 2008/2009 invasion was an unqualified success for our long-time ally. Israel dealt Hamas a crippling blow, killing some of its leaders, destroying many of the troublesome tunnels, and limiting the ability of Hamas to fire rockets at Israel.

Hamas can still fire rockets at Israel, it`s impossible to completely eradicate all the rockets in Gaza. You don`t have to be a rocket scientist to build one of their home-made low-tech rockets, and Hamas will eventually replenish their arsenal of the crude weapons. But the Israeli humiliation of Hamas should serve as a powerful deterrent.

The civilians of Gaza were also humiliated, once again they learned that Hamas is unable to protect them. The Hezbollah militants bravely confronted the Israeli war machine, but the Hamas cowards hid in hospitals and mosques.

Israel had every right to defend itself, if Canada fired hundreds of rockets at states near its border with the United States, we would demand that the President bomb Canada back to the Stone Age.

It`s not just this humble columnist who thinks that Israel came out on top, MATTI FRIEDMAN of the Associated Press agrees with my analysis:

"Before Israel invaded the Gaza Strip, Hamas vowed to turn the territory i nto a "graveyard" for Israeli soldiers, and the military braced for dozens of fatalities. The results were markedly different.

The Islamic militant group`s fighters put up little resistance to Israel`s crushing offensive, and the army - still smarting from its stalemate with Hezbollah guerrillas in their 2006 conflict in southern Lebanon - emerged relatively unscathed and more confident.

Israel wrapped up its three-week offensive over the weekend, leaving behind widespread devastation and a death toll of more than 1,250 Palestinians, according to Gaza medical officials. In contrast, Israel suffered just nine combat deaths, five of them from `friendly fire.`"


The mighty warriors of Allah managed to kill only four Israeli soldiers, that`s because the cowards used civilians as shields instead of confronting the Israeli invaders. In 2006 the Israeli army left Lebanon in a somber mood, but this time the Israelis left Gaza in a jubilant mood, dancing and singing.

America has much to learn from Israel`s impressive victory, we must be harsh but humanitarian in fighting terrorists. The Jewish state did its best to limit civilian deaths, but it didn`t hesitate to bomb mosques and other buildings in residential areas where the Hamas weaklings were hiding. Most of the Muslim world vehemently hates Israel and the United States, when striking terrorists we shouldn`t worry about how our actions will be perceived in the Islamic world.

What a wonderful day January 20, 2009 will be: Barack Obama will be inaugurated as the first African American in history, and most of the Israeli troops will have left Gaza in triumph.