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Published:April 5th, 2009 14:20 EST
Jihadists And Americans Killing Civilians In Pakistan

Jihadists And Americans Killing Civilians In Pakistan

By Robert Paul Reyes


"At least 30 people were killed on Saturday in Pakistan`s North Waziristan tribal region where a suicide bomber targeted a police convoy, hours after a US missile strike leveled a militant hideout in the same area.

A US drone fired three missiles at the home of a tribesman in a village located 40 kms from the headquarters of North Waziristan tribal agency, killing 13 people, including women and children, local residents said"

These atrocities happened within hours of each other, and in both cases most of the casualties were civilians.

These attacks did absolutely nothing to alter the status quo, the only thing they accomplished was to increase the body count of innocent civilians.

It`s a crying shame that the greatest democracy in the world is using the same tactics as Islamic terrorists. A suicide bomber targets a police convoy, and scores of civilians are killed. A US drone fires a missile at the home of a suspected terrorist, and scores of civilians are killed. What the hell is the difference?

Afghanistan is now President Obama`s war, and he will bear the blame for his strategy which is destined to fail miserably. Sending thousands more soldiers to Afghanistan and firing missiles at the home of a suspected terrorist is only adding more fuel to the fire.

The left needs to wake up and demand that our troops leave Iraq and Afghanistan as soon as possible. There will never be viable democracies in Iraq and Afghanistan, even if we stay in those godforsaken places for a hundred years. In fact as soon as we leave Iraq and Afghanistan, whether it`s in one year or ten years, the puppet governments that we installed will be overthrown, and the new governments will be hostile to us.