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Published:April 8th, 2009 13:04 EST
G20 Says No Need For U.S. CONSTITUTION In The New World

G20 Says No Need For U.S. CONSTITUTION In The New World

By SOP newswire2

Defenders Of America`s Founding Document Express Deep Concern After Summit

English Prime Minister Gordon Brown spoke of a "New World Order`. Dick Morris said the One World Government conspiracy theorists were proven right. He also said the U.S. Declaration of Independence was repealed at the recent G20 Summit.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown Kevin Price is an expert in free market economics and public policy. As a strict Constitutionalist, he can explain to your audience what Americans can expect as a direct result of this world meeting. If you think what`s going on in full view, Price says the politics going on behind the scenes are likely much more disconcerting.

Price thinks it appropriate to call out all of those people who said the U.S. Constitution is a "leaving and breathing document`. Maybe it`s me, " says Price, but many of the same people who use that rhetoric seem to be trying to kill the Constitution. "

Considered a Constitutionalist first and a conservative second, Price sees aggressive action to protect the U.S. Constitution as paramount to saving it. It is my strong belief that we must fight for Constitutional government rather than conservatism, " Price said. The latter simply doesn`t make sense in our policy world today. What do we have to conserve? Excessive taxation? Out-of-control regulations? Until we change our rhetoric, we will not likely win the war of ideas. "