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Published:June 16th, 2009 10:25 EST
Social Activist Yengkhom Krishnadas A Victim of Brutal Killing

Social Activist Yengkhom Krishnadas A Victim of Brutal Killing

By SOP newswire2

Compiled by Madhu Chandra
The joy of Ms. W. Nydia Devi, a daughter of Dalit mother, brought to the communities of Kakching by securing top in class ten examination of 2009 Manipur shattered at twinkling of the pulse by the poignant brutal, barbaric and gruesome killing of social worker Krishnadas by the kidnappers. The wounds in the hearts of his wife and little daughter suffering trauma of dragging her husband and father in naked eyes at wee hour on June 10 at around 10 PM from his wife`s resident will remain unhealed forever. (Picture of Yengkhom Krishnadas Singh)
Yengkhom Krishnadas Singh was born on March 1, 1971 in Kakching, Manipur. He belongs to Lois (scheduled caste) community. His father Yengkhom Balop Singh was well known among Vishnuvites cult of Hindu communities of his skill and fame talent of pung-cholom (Manipuri religious classical drumming). His father expired at old age in 2000. His mother Yengkhom Ongbi Nupimacha Devi is still alive, living with his youngest brother.
He had two elder brothers, three sisters, one younger brothers and one younger sister. All of his brothers and sisters are well settled with their families and children.
Krishnadas got married to Yengkhom Ongbi Bimola Devi on February 6, 2006 and had two years old daughter. His wife is from well to do family hails from Imphal Thangmeiband Khomdram Selungba Leikai.
He has his primary and high school education from Sumak Leikai Primary School and Model High School next to his home. He had his pre-university course from Kha-Manipur College, Kakching and graduate from D. M. College in state capital Imphal. After his graduate with two years gap, he had his Master in Computer Appliance (MCA) from Manipur University in 1997.
His Dream
He had dreams to transform socio-economic condition of Manipur in general and his place and surrounding villages in particular. His greatest concern was for young unemployed educated and non-educated generation. The socio-economic, education and general lives of people are badly affected by the multiple crisis of the state that is going on for last 10 to 15 years. The helpless mothers of young unemployed educated and non-educated generations, grieves in uncontrollable agony because the ray of hope begun dawning brought by the sacrificial tireless efforts of Krishnadas.
He knew for sure what his birth place Kakching and its people have been suffering for centuries. The people of Kakching that represent by Krishnadas was oppressed as Lois for the reason of disobeying then the Manipuri king who ordered all of his subject to convert into Hinduism. Ever since then, the socio-economic, social life of the people of Kakching was segregated till today. The people of Kakching were renamed as Lois, meaning outcaste for reason of not accepting Hinduism. Thereafter the destiny of the people of Kakching was destined as low caste.
After independent of India, in the Presidential Order of 1950, the people of Kakching as Lois were listed as Scheduled Caste with the eligibility to benefit the constitutional beneficiaries yet the Government of Manipur denied it for 42 years from 1950 till the Supreme Court of India gave the order to extend Scheduled Caste beneficiaries to the people on Kakching in 1992.
Krishnadas`s dream was pure and seen by the communities in his short span of his social work carrier. He wanted to uplift the community that was kept oppressed for decades and centuries.
To him there is not different of caste, creed, religion, region, race and tribes. He broke the social boundaries. He crossed the religious differences. His social concern could not be limited by one`s differences of caste, creed, religion and tribes. This is seen in crystal clear when he donated the community halls to the indigenous religion of Meiteis, Muslims and Christian communities.
After his study, he took up his social carrier along with his contract work in various projects under Government schemes. His contribution to different society and communities was from his earning of contract benefits.
He took lion share in Kakching Khullen Ibudou Khamnangba Laikon community hall, Sengrong Lairembi Laishang, Kakching Makha Loubuk (Pukhri), Kakching Mayai Leikai Pukhri, Waiting Shed on Louyai Lambi, Yengkhom Lai Committee, Panthoibi Lai Committee, Union Baptist Church Kakching and Kakching OM Shanti Building Construction.
His social concern went beyond his birth place. He contributed one computer set to Pallel Young Volunteer Club. He also helped Irengband Irum Ningthou Lai Committee.
He also served as President of South Eastern Sporting Union, Kakching, Sengrong Lai Committee from 2008 onward. He was also a life member of North Imphal Sporting Association (NISA) Thangmeiband, Manipur.
In highest tone of condemnation and appealed to the state government of Manipur remains unheard. There is enormous growing of fear, the state government of Manipur might covered up the culprits and deny the cry of the public for justice might denied at last. The justice delay of the Government is the justice denied to deceased person and his bereaved family members.
Justice Delay is Justice denied
The wound in the hearts of the people caused first by the brutal killing of Krishnadas has deepened the groaning by the delay game of Manipur Government and state security forces. The assurance given by the Chief Minister O Ibobi Singh at two different delegation led by Joint Action Committee against the Brutal Killing of Y Krishnadas Singh on June 12 and 14 repeatedly informing the delegation that the clues of the culprits has been traced and followed by the arrest of Laishram (Ongbi) Ashalata, to whom the ransom of Rs 25,00,000.00 was handed over by Krishnadas`s wife Bimola for safe return of her husband. Bimola identified the photo of the accused brought by the police personnel and latter in police custody.
To her and whole of the community, deceased Krishnadas belongs to, were utterly surprised by the fact that no further arrest of the culprits which can be dug out from the arrested accused. Justice delayed is the justice denied by O. Ibobi Singh`s government to the deceased person and his bereaved family members and the communities that stand in solidarities.
In continuous protest against the brutal killing of Krishnadas has entered fourth days in his birth place, Kakching, which is a Dalit (Lois) village in the state of Manipur. Shops, offices and business establishment in different parts of the state stand still for three days continuously begun from June 12. Over 10,000 publics, civil societies, social workers, students, human rights activists and scholars in over 300 buses, trucks and other vehicles marched from Kakching to capital city Imphal to collect the dead body of the deceased. A Procession on foot from neighbouring village Pallel, where Krishnadas had a dream to develop to his native town was marched in thousands joint from the surrounding villages, towns and delegation from different parts of state. The last rite of Krishnadas will be performed by his families, relatives and his communities tonight towards the end of the procession.