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Published:July 29th, 2009 10:40 EST
Israeli Rabbis' Give Support to Mr. Adnan Oktar

Israeli Rabbis' Give Support to Mr. Adnan Oktar

By SOP newswire2

Mr. Adnan Oktar has a strong relationships with some Israeli Rabbis for a while. They support Mr. Adnan Oktar and his idea on Turkish-led Islamic Union.

Rabbi Menechem Froman,  a prominent Israeli Rabbi in promoting and leading interfaith dialogue between Israelis and Palestinians thinks that Jews, Muslims and Christians lived in peace during the Ottoman Empire for five centuries across three continents. That`s why he believes that Turkey is the most natural mediator between Israel and the Palestinian society as Turkey experienced it before.

The Rabbi feels that the true peace can come only from spiritual leaders. He believes that the religious authorities are more capable to establish the peace than the governments are. The peacemaking efforts between Israelis and the Palestinians must include the religious sectors of both societies.

Rabbi Froman admires Mr. Oktar`s great courage in his quest for the union of faiths, despite all the dangers and threats. That`s why he believes that Mr. Oktar is the best personality to lead the peace initiative in the Middle East as a sincere Muslim believer and a profound thinker.

Rabbi Froman had spoken with George Mitchel, the Middle East envoy of the Obama administration, and that he had personally appealed to Mr. George Mitchel to utilize Mr. Oktar as a significant peace negotiator for the Middle East.

Rabbi Froman, as a representative of Israeli Rabbis, also invited President Obama to Jerusalem through a letter. He stated in his letter to Mr. Obama that if he comes to Israel and announces to rebuild Jerusalem as a city of peace, he will have played a historical role. This means a lot for the religious people of all three Abrahamic faiths who live on this land. 

Sanhedrin Rabbis from Jerusalem are also very much in favor of  Mr. Oktar`s ideas. Some of them visited Mr. Oktar at his premise in Istanbul at the end of June and they had very productive conversation on the inter-faith dialogue. You may find  below the public statements of this meeting on Sanhedrin`s official website:

You may also listen the audio of this meeting (with English subtitle) from the following link:

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