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Published:September 21st, 2009 11:15 EST

Mr. Adnan Oktar Speaks Out at Press Conference

By SOP newswire2

The Truth Behind the Media Coverage About the False Statements of Secret Witnesses

- ... they kept me chained by the foot in a mental hospital for 10 months, during which time 7 inmates were killed. They killed 7 people in that mental hospital. I was held there because it was an ideal place for people to be killed in at that time.

- ... They mixed cocaine with my food when I was detained in the security headquarters, under the protection of the state. The Forensic Medicine Department proved that.

- ... Did they put me in a mental hospital because I was mentally ill? Were the cocaine allegations made about me made because I used cocaine? If there is a psychological war going on, then those areas on which the public are most sensitive are selected. And what is society most sensitive to now?... Why was such an allegation made against the Prophet Yusuf? Did not women come together and make similar allegations about the Prophet Yusuf?

- ... They gave me electric shocks and I was tortured in various ways, but I said nothing. I made no legal complaints. They crippled my colleagues...

Psychological warfare knows no rules. There is no conscience or fear of Allah in psychological warfare, and it is utterly ruthless. The alleged Ergenekon organization has a special psy-ops unit. And you can clearly see the activities the alleged Ergenekon organization engaged in against us in the records. There is a special unit for dealing with us. A separate one for the Internet, and another for dealing by means of the press... They talk about how to launch false allegations. These discussions are established by the police. They talk about how to slander us, Muslims. How it is to be done... If necessary, use women, they say. You must issue slanders, they say.

- ... They say that all methods of wearing the enemy down psychologically are legitimate and justified. They describe that. The great majority of those who tortured us are now inside. The whole team. And these are in the state records. Psychological warfare therefore recognizes no bounds and uses all means. They can easily use poor people, people with no money. Do you think one who can find a man to kill me cannot find a man to slander me? Nine armed attempts have been made on my life. Nine attempts using weapons.

- ... But if I were an ordinary imam from a mosque and just preached day and night, they would just kiss me on the head and there would be no problem. Moreover, if I were an irreligious man, a Darwinist and materialist, and did all the same things they allege of me, they would be pretty impressed and say how red-blooded I was. The newspapers are full of praise for such types... If I were a Darwinist and materialist, such activities would make me their golden boy. But because I say there is one Allah and because I have smashed the idols of Darwinism and materialism, they seek for the man who attacks their idols. But they can do what they like, it matters not a jot to me. They can tie a noose around my neck, and that of my colleagues, that will never make us give in, insha`Allah. Go ahead.

- ... I am in the business of love, affection, compassion and forgiveness. I want all the weapons in the world to be eliminated. I want peace and brotherhood. I want an end to terror. I have no hatred for anyone. My brothers are very pure. We have never engaged in any such activities. No violence and no pressure on people. We have never engaged in any physical violence, and never will. I am someone who feels a great affection for animals, human beings, plants as entities created by Allah. That is a command of the Qur`an. I look at people with affection and compassion.

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