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Published:December 12th, 2009 15:26 EST
Blackwater, Mercenaries

Blackwater, Mercenaries and the Modern Battlefield

By Sean Beelzebul


George Bush`s Praetorian Guard " the Nation

We could have a situation where the government deploys private soldiers, mostly foreign nationals, on US soil to fight against US citizens " In New Orleans, they were essentially a foreign occupying force. " " The Public Record

In the last decade the old American maxim; war is the health of the state " has taken the world to new levels of violence, and into a new era of hate. Initially starting an unpopular war in the first place, the former Bush administration could not rely solely on American troops to carry out its clandestine missions in Iraq and Afghanistan, nor could it order American troops to carry out every brutal scheme necessary for rendition, interrogation and political intimidation.

Thus, George Bush Jr. and his all star cast, decided to stick to another old maxim "keep your hands clean. Blackwater, now XE services is run by a radical conservative named, or pseudo-named Eric Prince. Anti-Muslim and most likely fanatical to the core, Prince has created a mercenary business for carrying out his malevolent agendas.

When hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans, Blackwater was there to assist in keeping the peace. Yet, this cantankerous crew of foreign mercenaries, ex-Navy Seals, and other commandos, is clearly not the best for this situation. Wanton violence at the hands of Blackwater/XE in Afghanistan and Iraq leading to innocent lives being taken should be proof of enough that mercenaries simply do not make the best peace keepers.

In addition to the rise in violence and innocent collateral " lives being taken due to groups such as these in times of war and times of disaster, Blackwater/XE creates another problem: They are very, very well paid. Bush Jr`s choice to hire an expensive mercenary outfit instead of deploying Americans was a pitiful decision.

The increase in war time expenditures must have been astronomical. How do the soldiers who are dying for our country feel when highly paid, overzealous and reckless mercenaries are taking their places and causing more problems for the entire situation?





Blackwater, Mercenaries