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Published:December 23rd, 2009 13:50 EST
US Military Sanctioned Abortion?

US Military Sanctioned Abortion?

By Sean Beelzebul

US Military Sanctioned Abortion?

Given the restrictions on becoming pregnant in the military with Major General Tony Cucolo decision to court martial his soldiers who engage in reckless behavior in Iraq, what choices do these punished soldiers have? Will military sanctioned abortion become a possible method to correct their errors? How far will our military leaders go, to ensure the safety of our troops and maximum numbers on the battlefield at the same time?

Clearly the issue has raised much concern with the American public and even its statesmen and women: "We can think of no greater deterrent to women contemplating a military career than the image of a pregnant woman being severely punished simply for conceiving a child," Senator Barbara Boxer and many other wrote according to Reuters Wednesday. Unfortunately, this opinion is a bit misleading, and dodges another real issue "the insufficient number of troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. The whole reason why this action against pregnancy is necessary is simple; there are not enough numbers in these areas and that is why our country has been forced to use PMC`s. In addition, in order to operate a war with the minimum number of casualties, each soldier must adequately control themselves. If a soldier engages in reckless behavior on the battlefield, he is acting in a manner which jeopardizes his teammates.

As far as whether or not Abortion should be sanctioned to correct errors I have come to a conclusion:

1)      If a soldier has truly made a mistake, or, was abused by other military personnel, abortion should be made an option and made legitimate by the government. The evangelical and fundamentalist Christian stigma against such actions lacks any value, especially in these cases. Without saying too much about my own personal opinion on abortion, I will say this "it`s a relativistic-determined situation and the above is one of those situations.

2)      If the soldiers in question were found to have done these pregnancy bearing actions for the reason of leaving the military and shirking their duties in the first place, abortion should not be made mandatory, but an option to reduce their sentencing for choosing to shirk their duties.

Thus, yes, I do believe Abortion should be a government sanctioned option for the current situation. Naturally, it should be made a choice in every case. Even then, the maximum number of lives protected must be considered. A woman who was seduced and made pregnant by another consenting party, who truly does not want a child, and would prefer to continue their career should have an abortion. I believe this because their contribution to the war is what they have intended to see out to its full extent, and by fulfilling and continuing their duties, they are protecting their teammates. If a woman and a man have decided to keep a dangerously conceived child, they are essentially leaving the military and should be treated as such.