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Published:December 26th, 2009 15:17 EST
Militancy Problem: Success of Bangladesh

Militancy Problem: Success of Bangladesh

By Md Mahmudul Hasan, Immigration Lawyer, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a peace-loving country in the world and this country always supports any step in order to establish peace in the world. Apart from the different internal problems, this country is always optimist in the peace process. In the UN Peace Mission in different countries a huge number of Bangladeshi soldiers are contributing to establish peace in different conflicting regions of the world. Like many other countries of the world this country is also experiencing the problem of Militancy which is nomenclatured somewhere as Religious Militancy or Islamic Militancy.

Whatever any type of militancy did not see the light of success for the active role of the people as well as for the active role of Law-enforcing agencies. The special force Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) has excellently contributed to uproot militancy in Bangladesh and still they are actively working to uproot any type of existence of militancy in Bangladesh.

A Bangladesh perspective: if we sincerely think about the theme which is behind of militancy, some questions will be arisen. Such as:

Question Number 1: Militancy groups are saying that they working as per rule of Islam, does Islam approve such type of militancy?

Question Number 2: By militancy who is being benefited?

Question Number 3: Why the militancy groups are being created rapidly giving different names?

Now we can throw our sight on the above-mentioned questions. If we sincerely apprehend the below mentioned answer of these questions then we can understand why militancy groups never get support of the people of Bangladesh and why they are being abolished  or vanished day by day.

Answer of the Question No:1:  The local militancy groups of Bangladesh firstly spread their theme that they are working for Islam. But the religious experts of Bangladesh refuted their logics and proved giving the proper references of Holy Quran and AL Hadith that the activities of militancy groups are completely and absolutely illegal in the eye of Islam. The Honorable religious experts of Bangladesh declared the activities of militancy groups  as absolutely illegal in the eye of Islam and warned the people about these heinous criminals who are committing grievous crimes giving the name of religion. That is why the people of Bangladesh strongly denied the theme of militancy groups and declared them as the "Enemy of Islam" and "Terrorist of State".

Answer of the question No:2: Of course, the people are not being benefited from militancy. The militancy groups are the enemy of nation and also the enemy of Islam.  The people of Bangladesh completely understood that "militancy" is completely a conspiracy against Bangladesh and the recovered arms and ammunition are basically made by and coming from  any neighbor country of Bangladesh. Actually the groups who want to make Bangladesh as "Banana State" or "Failed State", this is the conspiracy of those groups to make chaos in Bangladesh which are in favor of their interest.

Answer of the question No:3: Actually there are many local terrorist groups in Bangladesh but they are being failed to get the support/sympathy of the people. That is why the God-father of these terrorist groups changed their brands giving the brand of Islam in order to be benefited from the Anti-Bangladesh Groups. That is why the militancy groups are the artificial cover of local terrorist groups.

Apart from many failures of the government, this great success of the government that they are completely successful to remove the existence of militancy from Bangladesh. But sometimes many criminals take shelter with  security of any of our neighbor countries that is why the Bangladesh government cannot take proper step against them. Whatever already many militant leaders have been hanged through the judgment of the Court. The public sentiment is completely against the militancy. The people of Bangladesh strongly hate the militancy groups and even a sound child considers them as the "Criminal of the State".

Whatever, the success of uprooting the militancy not only the success of the government, this is basically the success of the general people and also honorable religious leaders of Bangladesh. The people of Bangladesh strongly hate the militancy groups  who use the brand of Islam and commit non-Islamic activities in order to be benefited from the antagonist groups by spoiling the purity of peaceful religion Islam as well make chaos situation in the country. Even a children hates them and this is the great success of Bangladesh

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