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Published:January 5th, 2010 10:26 EST
Taliban Problem: A Surgical Operation

Taliban Problem: A Surgical Operation

By Md Mahmudul Hasan, Immigration Lawyer,Dhaka,Bangladesh

The world community is worried about the Taliban and they are also considering Taliban`s as terrorist, extremist, bombers, killers, etc. Many objectives are being used in order to magnify the Taliban`s but no one is talking about the origin as well as the inherited power of the Taliban`s. Actually if you do not consider the origin and ancestor of any problem you cannot solve that problem. This is like the work of a medical practitioner that they always want to know about the origin of any disease before giving the medicine. But, no one should think that I am a doctor, I am person of the Law arena. However, when I was attending school, I would have preferred to date the daughter of a Doctor that is because I am familiar with some matters of medical practitioners.  Although his daughter was married, one of her relatives caused me a lot of turmoil and strife. However come to the point about the Taliban issues and lets investigate about its origin and ancestors of it, then we will try to find out the solution of this problem.

The word Taliban has come from Pashto word 
طالبان ṭālibān, which means students. Basically this is a group of students consisted of Sunni Muslim in Afghanistan.  Now, if anyone ask that how a group of students have been so powerful that they can fight with world powers. Actually Taliban`s were not powerful but they had been powerful by their ancestors. OK, now look behind of the history. Actually the Taliban groups created after invasion of Soviet Union in Afghanistan in 1979. Actually during that period there were two super powers in the world as: (1) The United States of America (2) Soviet Union (USSR). Actually Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in order to spread their power in Asia especially in South Asia.

At that time the neighbor country of Afghanistan that means Pakistan became too much worried about this invasion of Soviet Union and they would consider Soviet Union as a great threat for their security. On the other hand Pakistan was too much annoyed on Soviet Union because Soviet Union helped the people of East Pakistan to be independent who were being repressed by West Pakistan seriously. Later, after independence the East Pakistan was called "Bangladesh"-A country of Peace. However, Pakistan was too much worried about the existence of Soviet Union in Afghanistan and they planned to evict Soviet Union from Afghanistan. At that time USA was also worried about the spreading power of Soviet Union in Afghanistan and USA thought Soviet Union will occupy all territories of Asia especially South Asia which is a vital part of world. That is why they supported steps of Pakistan in order to evict Soviet Union from Afghanistan.

After being planned to evict Soviet Union from Afghanistan, the Pakistan wanted to use Afghan people against Soviet Union. At that time they formed a group named "Taliban" in order to fight against Soviet Union. Pakistan government taking help of its allied countries trained Taliban`s properly and also they provided all types of powerful as well as modern arms as well as ammunition to Taliban to fight against Soviet Union in Afghanistan. During that time the nice ties created between Taliban`s and Pakistan as well as allied countries of Pakistan.

However, Pakistan intelligence cooperated with their level best taking cooperation of allied countries to make powerful Taliban`s as super powerful soldiers to fight against Soviet Union in Afghanistan. However, taking proper training and having heavy modern arms as well as ammunition the Taliban`s were to able to defeat Soviet Union that is why Soviet Union was bound to leave Afghanistan. It is a great success of Pakistan and the US.

However, after being defeated of Soviet Union, the Taliban took the power of Afghanistan and they started to rule this country as per their philosophy. However, the government of Pakistan would like them very much and Taliban`s would consider as the "Child of Pakistan". However, the basic problem between Taliban`s and Pakistan created when the World Trade Center as well as other places devastated by unknown terrorist attack. During that time USA accused Ova-ma-bin-Laden for this heinous attack that was under the shelter of Afghanistan at that time. Then the USA said Taliban`s-led Afghanistan to hand over Osa-ma-bin-Laden to the hand of USA but they denied.

Taliban government replied that Osa-ma-bin-Laden is their guest, so they will not hand over Osa-ma-bin-Laden to the hand the US. However, at that time the US requested Pakistan to pursue Taliban Leaders but Pakistan Leaders as well as Saudi Leaders failed to pursue adamant Taliban Leaders. That is why the US took decision to involve in war with their past affectionate Afghanistan. Although Pakistan was not agree to be engaged in war with their child (Taliban`s) but they had been agree after being threatened by the US. Although Pakistan is in war with Afghanistan but it is impossible to terminate all types of affection on Taliban`s.

However, now Pakistan is the principal victim of Taliban problems. To save the interest of their allied countries now this country is under great threat of devastation. Actually war is not the proper solution about Taliban Problems. Actually what may be the logic; the father/mother cannot fight against their adult children because of blood connection as well as affection. Actually strong political negotiation is the main way to make Taliban`s as obedient. Respected Saudi Arabia may play vital role to bring peace in Afghanistan.

What will be received by fighting against the Taliban? This is not the issues of money, oil or any precious things except killing Innocent people making chaos in South Asia. But keeping control over Afghanistan is important for the US to prevent China and also to keep influence over upcoming superpower India.

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