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Published:January 8th, 2010 10:00 EST
Top Five Survival Tips to Avoid the Collapse of Civilization

Top Five Survival Tips to Avoid the Collapse of Civilization

By Sean Beelzebul

With the chaos ensuing in many parts of the first world, and the economic collapse of the first world, many have speculated that we are nearing the end times. While, I do not believe in Armageddon the way that most do, I do see society itself beginning to fall apart. The rise and fall of great civilizations is merely the historic course for the human race since the beginning. However, only now is the Human Race gifted with nuclear warheads, biological warfare, and modern technological pollution "these things of course can easily be used to destroy the human race in its entirety. So, how can the human race prevent any number of these Apocalypse type scenarios from occurring? The following are five tips to improve our odds of surviving:

1). Reassess the nuclear weapons situation. The Human race needs to eliminate all nukes that could be used to destroy all or part of a country, state, province etc. I have thought of one way of doing this "perhaps all nations could somehow agree to put them in space and only in satellites programmed to eliminate asteroids and comets. We could kill two birds with one stone: Prevent nuclear holocaust AND prevent a deep impact type situation.

2). First world nations must radically stop polluting as much. In America, The Green Party, and the Democratic Party are more likely able to carry out these necessary actions. New jobs must be created to support the protection of the Earth and enforcement of environmental laws. One thing Americans can do is not vote for any presidential candidate in future elections that uses Evangelical Christian erroneous conclusions about global warming.

3) There needs to be a spiritual revolution. People need to overcome religious obstacles in their own traditions by realizing the inherent flaws in all of them. There needs to be a new religion, one that suits our modern sensibilities and refinements. This theoretical religion would have to be one of compassion and open-mindedness. One thing everybody could start doing is reading and or studying other religions other than their own.

4) The human race must begin colonizing other planets. No matter which way you look at it, our civilization will eventually grow too large for the earth. We will have to colonize the moon, then mars, the planets of Jupiter, and etc. etc.

5) First World popular culture and media imagery must be radically shifted towards a more pure message. The sensationalism and dramatic exposure of weak media personalities must stop. The media acts as an example of how the First World should live "it is a factor of their socialization. The media must stop producing such benighted garbage that threatens to set an example of wasteful lasciviousness and debauchery. It must be replaced with messages of reality and more accurate observations of how humans should live.