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Published:March 31st, 2010 12:06 EST

China : The Superpower Of The 21st Century

By Md Mahmudul Hasan, Immigration Lawyer,Dhaka,Bangladesh



During the time of destruction of Soviet Union (USSR), the United States of America was considered the last remaining super power of the world. Now this doctrine is going to be disappeared from the prediction of the think-tank society of the world. The victimized country China is becoming the next superpower of the world. Although opposition countries of China are trying to bow the Chinese government using different tactful policies but all types of conspiracies are being foiled against China because of its amicable relationship with many countries, political stability and self dependence. China is a country that has strongly acquired self-dependence in case of food,technology and others.

Historically China is a peaceful country, but this country had been victimized and is being victimized by its international counterparts. China`s enemies are always creating different bars regarding the progress of China and the media of  the unfriendly countries are always  complaining about the different issues of China. The counterparts countries are playing the game as mouse and cat with China. Many painful and artificial problems have been created against China such as Taiwan issue,Tibet Issue, Anti-Muslim sentiment and other conspiracies. The Chinese government is enduring all of these conspiracies, and they are not doing something which is anti-human rights because of its traditional peaceful nature.

It is transparent that Tibet and Taiwan belong to China, but the counterpart-countries of China are playing with China using these two sensitive issues. During the the Olympic Games 2008, the antagonist countries turned the issue regarding Tibet before the world in order to spoil the prestige of China before the world community. Actually the issue regarding Tibet is an unnecessary issue except to make chaos in the Asian Politics. On the other hand, interestingly in Olympic Game 2008 the athletes  of antagonist countries of China were too busy to criticize about different matters of China rather than taking preparation to compete the games. However, the Chinese athletes gave the real answer of these criticism and they won the highest number of prizes at that Olympic Games 2008. However, still now Taiwan is the vital issue to bow China as well as to make chaos in the Asia especially in South Asia because China is too much adjacent to South Asian Countries as well as the mind of South Asian People.

Despite the different successful conspiracies against China, this country is going forward to be established as super-powerful country in the world. However, this country is very much broadened about the development of South Asian Countries rather than Western Countries. China can understand the problems of the South Asian people and they always perform the welfare activities for the betterment of the people of South Asia. The Atomic Bomb of China is the great security for South Asian countries.  Although, China has adverse relationship with India but it will be removed soon.  India is also a peaceful country, but sometimes this country performs anti-south Asian activities because some of its greedy politicians who are financed by anti-peaceful countries. However, this is not so far where the South Asian Countries will be united including adjacent China  and these countries will make an Union which will be the most super-powerful block of the world and will dominate the world.