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Published:June 7th, 2010 09:10 EST
Kashmir Govt. Tranforms Srinagar into fortress for PM`s Arrival

Kashmir Govt. Tranforms Srinagar into fortress for PM`s Arrival

By SOP newswire2


Prof. Bhim Singh, Chairman, National Panthers Party accused the coalition government in Jammu and Kashmir for creating a terror-ridden atmosphere rather than creating a harmonious and receptive atmosphere in Srinagar on the arrival of Dr. Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister of India. The Panthers Chief said that the popularity of the coalition government can be measured by the fact that all the networks of mobile telephones were shut in the Valley, all the roads leading to Srinagar were blocked by the police and all the roads within Srinagar city were converted into battlefields and Srinagar became a mini fortress today.

            Condemning the coalition government, the Panthers Party Chairman urged Dr. Manmohan Singh to understand the present situation that prevails in Kashmir under the non-functional, corrupt and authoritarian rule. He said that National Conference tagged by power hungry and corrupt Congress leaders in Kashmir shall never allow democracy and peace return to the Valley because the artificially disturbed situation makes them to earn their bread and loot the state by retaining power fraudulently.


            Prof. Bhim Singh said that 90% Kashmiries wanted to receive the Prime Minister with flowers and bouquets, the angry Kashmiri leaders had decided to talk to the Prime Minister and find an honourable way out to return to mainstream. This is not liked by the ruling clique who shall disappear like morning fall in Kashmir if democracy returns and rule of law prevails. The ruling clique wanted to give a different picture of the situation in the Valley that`s why this drama was enacted by the Kashmir Govt.


            Prof. Bhim Singh said that as long as National Conference and Congress coalition remains in power there could be no chance to start a successful dialogue with the angry Kashmiri leaders.


Sd/- Sudesh Dogra

Political Secretary