How do you develop your Portio? How to and how long it takes, and cautions

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Apparently, the orgasm you feel at Portio is so intense that as soon as you can feel it, you’re addicted…

Many people who are familiar with Portio orgasms may have such an image.

But in reality, Many of you may not know how to do Portio development.

So, we’re going to explain in depth how to sexually develop Portio!

  • Women who want to be able to feel the Portio orgasm
  • Men who want their female partners to be able to feel Portio orgasms
  • I want to know how long it will take to feel the Portio orgasm
  • I want my female partner to feel true orgasm

If you have any of these questions or requests, please stay with me to the end of this article and I will send it to all Indian men and women who are interested in Portio Orgasm.

What is Portio?

The Portio is a part of the female uterus that is exposed to the vagina.

Although the Portio is relatively well known as a sexual area, it is not the first place to have an orgasm.

You have to stimulate it many times, and then you have to develop it to feel orgasm (which is the training to feel orgasm) before you can feel it.

Women who have mastered Portio orgasms can feel Portio orgasms simply by pressing down on their belly without directly touching the Portio.

This is called extracorporeal Portio. Not many women can master Portio in vitro, but

The Portio is sometimes called the cervix, but technically the Portio is not the cervix.

The mouth of the uterus is the space between the portio and the passage of the baby during birth.

Therefore, vulva is more of a correct description.

However, many people refer to it as the vulva, so now it’s also the correct term.

What is it like to feel an orgasm at Portio?

Portio orgasm is characterized by the following

  • The deepest pleasure a woman can feel in an orgasm.
  • You can experience continuous orgasmic sensation because of the lingering effect.

Let’s dig deeper into the appeal of Portio Orgasm in detail, respectively.

The Deepest Pleasure in Orgasm that a Woman Can Feel

Portio orgasms are said to be the deepest and most intense of all female orgasms; women who experience a Portio orgasm have such a strong sensation that they sometimes faint or even go limp.

It is much more intense than the orgasm felt at the G-spot, the same vaginal sex zone.

The most common comments from women who have felt Portio orgasm are: “It feels like my mind goes blank,” “My whole body feels like a sexual zone,” and “I’ve never felt such a good sensation.

Therefore, women who learn to feel Portio orgasms can become sex addicts.

Another characteristic of Portio orgasms is the feeling of euphoria; Portio orgasms produce a hormone called oxytocin, which is a hormone that makes you feel happy, and this makes you feel strongly happy.

It leaves a lingering effect, so you can come continuously

Portio orgasms tend to linger and are very easy to come continuously.

Usually in men, after orgasm, there comes a period of desensitization to sexual stimulation called the refractory period.

When a woman has an orgasm on the clitoris, there is also a refractory period, and although it varies from person to person, men are said to be unable to respond for at least 10 minutes or more, and women are said to be unable to respond for several minutes.

However, Portio orgasm does not have a refractory period.

On the contrary, immediately after a Portio orgasm, the woman is more likely to feel the next sexual stimulus.

Therefore, if one feels the Portio orgasm and then stimulates the Portio again, one can reach orgasm again (this is called continuous come: multiple orgasms).

Continuous orgasm is something of a privilege unique to women.

The deep and lasting pleasure, the euphoria and the ecstasy that comes with it, is truly a pleasure that unravels your body and mind.

To feel orgasms in Portio, develpment is necessary

Portio orgasm is one of the most intense and pleasurable of all female orgasms, and can be felt as often as desired.

However, to be able to feel Portio orgasms requires a training called development.

As I told you a little bit at the beginning of this article, Portio is the place where the baby comes through at birth.

If such a place is sensitive, don’t you think it would be a big problem during the birth?

It’s rare for a woman to have a greater orgasm than sex during childbirth, but that’s a really rare pattern.

Portio is usually insensitive and hard to feel pleasure at first, and gradually becomes more and more pleasurable as it is sexually stimulated.

How long it takes to develop Portio

The time it takes to develop Portio varies greatly from person to person, but it can take as early as a few weeks and as long as a few months.

For this reason, it is of the utmost importance not to be in a hurry when attempting to develop Portio.

If you are in a hurry, you may end up not wanting to develop Portio itself, or you may damage your vagina with irritation.

How to develop Portio by masturbation

Let’s show you how to develop Portio, then!

The first method is to develop by masturbation.

If you want to develop the Portio earlier than sex, we recommend masturbation if you want to develop it earlier than sex, because you can continue to stimulate the Portio with moderate intensity if you do it yourself.

What to prepare for Portio development by masturbation

First of all, here’s what you’ll want to prepare for when you develop Portio in masturbation.

It is recommended that you prepare the following four items for the first time.

  • Dildo (Dildo vibrator)
  • Sex lubricant
  • Condoms
  • Bath towels

When masturbating to stimulate the Portio, most women are not able to get their fingers to the Portio.

It is said that the distance from the entrance of the vagina to the Portio is approximately 10 to 15 cm.

It is difficult to determine this as it varies from person to person, but I think it is quite difficult to reach the Portio 10 cm away from the vagina with one’s fingers.

A woman with long fingers might be able to reach it, but most of the time it’s not possible.

Therefore, a dildo or dildo vibrator is essential to properly stimulate the Portio.

Go to find the best dildo to feel the Portio orgasm

Also, when using a dildo, it is best to use a condom and a sex lubricant together.

You can get by without both, but the Sex lubricant makes it easier to have a Portio orgasm.

Condoms can be used with dildos to keep them hygienic and easy to clean.

If you are going to use a condom with a dildo, you should choose a condom with a large capacity and high cost performance like this one.

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Also, use sex lubricants for dildos that are labeled for women.

If you are interested in learning more about sex lubricants, please also see the following articles

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A bath towel prevents vaginal secretions and sex lubricant from staining the floor or bed while the Portio is being stimulated with a dildo.

It is not a necessity either, but it would be safer to masturbate if you have one.

1. First of all, increase the sensitivity of the body sufficiently

Once you have the necessary goods, the first step is to increase the sensitivity of your body.

Specifically, this means increasing sexual arousal through fantasy, pornographic videos, or anything else you can think of.

As sexual arousal increases, a woman’s clitoris becomes bloodshot, slightly enlarged, and slightly heated.

At the same time, the area around the vagina will become slightly wet with secretions.

As any woman who has had sex with a man can tell you, it does not feel good to have a penis inserted into you if you are not sexually aroused.

In the same way, if the sexual arousal is not sufficiently high and the sensitivity of the body is not sufficiently high, it is difficult to feel an orgasm.

2. Try to feel orgasm with the clitoris

When you feel that your body is sufficiently sensitive and the vaginal area is becoming wet, stimulate the clitoris.

At first, you should stimulate it gently through your underwear. Instead of suddenly stimulating the Portio, stimulate the clitoris first because it will increase the sensitivity of the vagina.

If the clitoris is stimulated and able to orgasm, the woman will be even more likely to have an orgasm.

I’ve never felt a clitoral orgasm, where is the clitoris? If you have such a question, please read this article to start with.

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Also, the Portio in women is said to come down when they have an orgasm (again, this is a vague statement as it varies from person to person).

Therefore, it is easier to stimulate the Portio when it is lowered, so before stimulating the Portio, you should feel the orgasm externally.

Let’s insert the dildo

Once you have come externally with clitoral stimulation, you can then insert a dildo.

It is recommended that you apply the Sex Lubricant to your vagina to make it more slippery, although the inside of the vagina may be wet to some extent because it is after the clitoral orgasm.

It is recommended that you apply the Sex Lubricant to the dildo, and then insert it slowly into the vagina.

Do not be in a hurry at this time. If you are going to insert something or make a new movement, be sure to start slowly and start with a weak movement.

Once you have inserted the dildo deep into the vagina and it has touched the Portio, wait until the vagina has adjusted to the shape of the dildo.

Be careful not to move it too soon, as it can cause pain. As a rule of thumb, you should stay still for 2 to 3 minutes.

4. Let’s stimulate the Portio

Once the dildo has settled into the shape of the vagina, you can stimulate the Portio by applying slow pressure to the Portio instead of jabbing it with the dildo.

The Portio can easily become sore if you do it too hard, so you can press the dildo against the Portio and make it tremble, or you can increase the pressure and tap the Portio gently and rhythmically.

It is difficult to feel pleasure from these stimulations before Portio is developed.

Therefore, try to keep in mind to ‘stimulate to the extent that you do not feel pain’.

After repeating these stimulations, there should come a time when you can feel Portio orgasm.

It should be an unbearable pleasure that comes from inside your body.

‘Is a wave of pleasure about to hit?

If you think that you are going to be able to do this, don’t stop moving (not even hard) and continue the stimulation.

Portio development friendly dildo for use in masturbation

I want to develop Portio from now on!

If you are wondering how to develop Portio, here are three beginners’-friendly dildos for Portio development.

In my opinion, the ideal dildo for Portio development is one that is long enough to stimulate the Portio and one that has a suction cup that can be fixed to a wall or floor.

Here’s what you need to know.

Real Flesh Dildo
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The Real Flesh Dildo skin is a realistically designed dildo that features a texture similar to a real penis.

The bottom of the dildo has a strong suction cup that can be glued to the desired location.

It’s perfect for use with Portio, which must be stimulated for a long time.

Then here’s the next one.

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The XXX Indian Dick Man 6 is a realistically reproduced Indian male penis.

Not only can you masturbate to a Portio orgasm, but you want to be able to feel a Portio orgasm with your partner’s penis as well!

I recommend this one for those who think that it is a good idea. It’s not too stimulating, so you can only get off by masturbating!

What does not happen?

Finally, here.

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Shiny straight dick Dark Brown, with its shiny brown appearance, is perfect for women who don’t like the ‘blandness’ of dildos.

It has enough length, so it’s perfect for Portio masturbation.

It is straight, but it is also made of a flexible material that makes it easy to fit inside the vagina.

The three dildos above are the ones we recommend for Portio masturbation. I’d love to see more! If you think you can do it, click here.

How to Develop Portio with Sex

Next, we will show you how to develop Portio with sex.

There may be a certain number of people who would like to be able to feel Portio orgasm with their beloved partner’s penis instead of masturbation.

For those women, here are some tips on how to develop Portio through sex.

However, developing Portio during sex can take a little time, as it can limit the condition and orgasm of the other man.

This section may be smoother if you look at it with the other man. So let’s get right to it!

1. Let’s increase the sensitivity of the body by having it caressed as usual

When you do Portio development during sex, first have them caress you as you would normally do during sex.

Have them kiss you a lot, stimulate your vagina and breasts with their fingers and mouths, and so on, as usual, using your favorite tactile techniques.

You don’t have to do anything special.

The body must be sufficiently sensitive to have an orgasm in Portio.

Therefore, too much caressing is very effective in increasing the sensitivity of the body.

2. It’s best if you can feel your orgasm before insertion

When developing Portio during sex, it is a good idea to be able to come externally before penetration, just like when developing during masturbation.

Basically, once a woman’s body feels an orgasm, it becomes even easier to feel an orgasm.

It’s also important to note that once you have an orgasm, your Portio also goes down, so it’s easier to stimulate it with the penis.

If you can’t easily orgasm externally by his caresses, you may want to try using a vibrator.

3. Let’s have his penis applied to Portio

When you feel the sensitivity of your body from the caresses, and you can feel the orgasm of the clitoris, insert the penis slowly into the vagina.

The penis is inserted deep into the vagina and the tip of the penis is placed on the Portio.

If you don’t know the position of the Portio, it’s okay.

When you feel the penis touching the Portio, have it stay still for a while.

Hold each other for a while until the vagina and Portio get used to the feel of the penis.

4. Let the penis stimulate you for as long as possible

Once you feel the vagina and the Portio getting used to the penis, start stimulating the Portio with the penis.

As the Portio is not a first orgasm organ, it is not pleasant to stimulate it strongly at all.

Try putting the tip of the penis on the Portio and vibrating it so that it shakes, or keep a steady rhythm and touch it gently.

This movement is not very stimulating for a man, and he may fade in the middle of it.

But it’s inevitable.

Try to take as much time as possible to stimulate the Portio, and if the man wilts, switch to a dildo or try again at a later date.

If the penis wilts in the middle of the session

If a man’s penis is deflated in the middle of the session and it is really bothering you, you can try using a cock ring.

A cock ring is a great tool that is attached to the root of the penis and makes it congested, making it last longer and increase the size of the erection even more than usual.

If he is comfortable with the use of a cock ring, it is a good idea to try it out.

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Cautions when developing your Portio

The following are three points to keep in mind when developing Portio, both in terms of masturbation and sex.

  • Develop in the long run
  • Do not strongly stimulate Portio
  • Toys should be cleaned

Let’s discuss each one in turn!

Let’s develop in the long run

First of all, when developing Portio, you should take the patience approach.

This is because, as I mentioned earlier, Portio takes a lot of time to develop.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, Portio development can take a very long time, depending on the individual, but it can often take several months.

When you start developing Portio and you don’t feel an orgasm, you may wonder if Portio isn’t your sexual zone, or if you have a body that can’t be stimulated to feel good in Portio.

Of course, this is still the case, but in most cases it just takes time to develop.

I hope that you can enjoy the process of development as well, trying different ways to develop through masturbation and sex.

Do not stimulate Portio too hard

The Portio is an organ that is prone to pain when stimulated strongly.

For this reason, it is important not to suddenly poke the Portio too hard or stimulate it too strongly with a dildo when it is not ready to feel the Portio orgasm.

It may be okay at the time, but it can hurt after masturbation or sex is over…

Use clean toys

Keep in mind that the toys used to stimulate Portio should be clean.

If you use an unclean toy, it can cause inflammation in the uterus in the unlikely event that germs enter the uterus while stimulating Portio.

This can lead to infertility and cause prolonged inflammation, so be careful.

It is recommended to wear a condom every time you use a toy because it is more hygienic.

Wearing a condom and using a clean toy is even safer.


What did you think?

Portio is said to be the strongest pleasure a woman can feel.

However, it is said that less than 10% of women can feel a Portio orgasm because it takes time and effort to develop and many women are not comfortable with the use of toys.

The best way to enjoy sex is for both men and women to be able to truly feel orgasms.

If both men and women can enjoy sex, they will have a better relationship with their partners.

If this article has sparked your interest in Portio development, or if you want your partner to experience Portio orgasms, you should try to develop it.

Try to keep your toys clean, stimulate Portio gently and for a long time, and take a long view of Portio development.

Indian Sextoys for ur best! will introduce you to this kind of male and female orgasms and sextoys based on our own experience. If you liked this article, please bookmark the home.


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