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Published:September 24th, 2010 14:20 EST
DMV, make money while you wait, for 6 hours! Will Says...

DMV, make money while you wait, for 6 hours! Will Says...

By Will Roberts

Will Says... Folks, I was at the DMV Yesterday and it was a 6 hour wait!

DMV`s always so busy? They need to figure out how to entertain us while we wait. OR maybe we could use the time to train folks and give them digress? You can buy a masters on line for a fifth of the time you wait in line at the DMV. It just seems like it could be more productive.  

Now, I have lived in a few states and each is different, however, the first line you wait in is always the worst! I waited 1 hour to find out I did not have an important piece of information, my Social Security card.  

Maybe it just me, but if you go to an amusement park they have a stork, or a bear stand up that says "If you are not THIS tall, you cannot ride this ride." Maybe a sign with a " showgirl that says You need these things and you will be waiting 6 hours at this point."  

Why don`t they hire more people?

Again, maybe this is just me, but " why do they have 20 windows for service and only 5 people working? Is it just to tease us? make us feel sorry that they are under staffed? OR maybe it is a plot, a socialist plot to make us hang out in massive lines and be SOCIAL!  



Do what Walmart does, pay retired folks to stand around, say hello, give information, " JOBS!

They`d wipe out the unemployment rate in The Nevada! 


My plan: put in SLOT MACHINES, they`ll pay off the deficit in one day!

and Nevadans might walk awe winners.

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