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Published:September 26th, 2010 22:42 EST
Will Says... Nevada! Rumble in the Run-up!

Will Says... Nevada! Rumble in the Run-up!

By Will Roberts

Will Says...

This is getting out of hand!

It`s supposed to be the candidates who come to blows, not the voters! 



"Man punches woman at Debate!

She may file a Civil Suit"

Only problem folks, neither was being CIVIL!


... The dots are me holding my breath, hoping that either this election is over soon with minimal damage or that I hold it long enough to where I pass out and wake up the day after this election. I am not even going to go into the bad manners on the part of the MALE party for striking a woman.  I understand that the Tea Party folks were upset that the Reid supporters left early, BEFORE Sharron Angle was done talking. This started the heated debate and the fight broke out. See folks, that`s the thing about that first amendment "the Freedom of Speech" the Freedom to speak it and the Freedom to walk out on other.

This election might just kick off a Civil WAR!  



We could sell tickets to this event! That would create JOBS... oh wait, you don`t do that, do you?

Angle:  Hey, Mr. 14.4% Unemployment,

You`re ALL

Butterfly & NO bee!

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