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Published:September 28th, 2010 13:52 EST
eddie long

Eddie Long: A Product of The Homophobic Black Church

By Robert Paul Reyes

Eddie Long styles himself a bishop, the word "pastor" or "preacher" is too mundane for a man with a wardrobe that Elton John would envy and a fleet of luxury cars that Donald Trump would appreciate.

Martin Luther King Jr. used the moral authority of the pulpit to lift up African Americans, and to help them realize that one day they too could dream the American dream.

eddie long

Long uses the spiritual authority of the pulpit to enrich himself, and to make a mockery of the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Con artist Long preaches a Prosperity Gospel which can be distilled into one sentence: Give the Lord (read: me) your money, and the Lord will bless you financially. The Lord (read: the idiots who give him their hard-earned money) has blessed Long, he lives in a mansion, and has millions in his bank accounts.

I don`t know who is more despicable the clownish reverend, or his mostly black middle-class congregation who lavish him with praise, and treat him like a rock star.

Some call Atlanta the "gayest city in America", it certainly has the most black gays and lesbians than any other city in the United States. Atlanta would be the perfect place for a black minister to make a stand for righteousness, and welcome gays and lesbians into his congregation with open arms.

The black church in America is notoriously homophobic, and it would have been a great step forward in gay rights if Long had chosen to take a different road, and fight for gay rights. Instead the virulently anti-gay minister coerced young boys to have sex with him.

Long is so transparent that even a child can see that he is a con artist, but his followers are blinded by his snazzy wardrobe, and his silver tongue.

Martin Luther King Jr. must be turning over in his grave at the audacity of Long and at the ignorance of many African Americans who support him.

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