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Published:September 29th, 2010 12:27 EST
Is War Crime by Any State Acceptable?

Is War Crime by Any State Acceptable?

By SOP newswire2

In 1948, the world accepted the majority decision of the UN for the establishment of a new state of Israel, in Palestine.
Those nations that subsequently recognised the new state, and therefore, the authority of the UN " which include both Britain and the US, must now also accept the authority of the UN when it officially reports that Israel has committed war crimes, not only in Gaza during operation "cast-lead` in 2008/9, but now also recently on board the flotilla boat bound for Gaza where its troops unlawfully killed nine civilians.
No UN member state can pick and choose when it will accept or deny the specific authority of the world`s only legally constituted, representative council, particularly in regard to war crimes.  Any state that does so, should have its membership withdrawn but still be liable for any of its nationals accused of war crimes or crimes against humanity to be apprehended by any UN member state and taken to the International Criminal Court for trial.
Otherwise, the UN has no authority that is recognised worldwide and the international community has no voice and no recourse to action against any state that kills at will for political or criminal purposes.  Then, there will be no law to protect us, only international anarchy.

By Colin Dale