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Published:October 2nd, 2010 17:03 EST
Going With The Flow: What Does it Mean

Going With The Flow: What Does it Mean

By Shukhrat Khakim

"Going with the flow" is a popular expression nowadays. What meaning can be in this phrase? Fatal acceptance of reality and inaction, or an inside listening to the voice and understanding of reality. I think it can be both. Everything depends on the position people take. Many people around are told that you must fight. You can not sit idly by, but must act aggressively and actively. If there is a problem in life, it should be addressed quickly by applying a maximum effort. One may ask, is this always a correct behavior?

Sometimes it`s better to just relax and let go of the situation, stop the frenzied struggle and weaken the grip of the mind. Suppose you have a current crisis at work and you`re looking for a new job (or the old place does not satisfy, or you were fired). In most cases, the person starts to rush between the two, and even between the three fires, urgently starts applying for new jobs with a strained and very nervous waiting for a response.

Nervousness and fear of uncertainty tend to affect the life situation negatively. In this state, it completely blocks their inner voice where the person simply does not hear it. In this state, your inner voice is difficult to get through to you, which can be just and can provide invaluable assistance to you.

Those who know how to relax, often receive a lot of benefit. It happened to one of my good friends. The company, in which he worked, began to crumble. Alex began to panic and urgently look for a new job but found nothing. In the end, he decided to forget all the negative things that happened to him and go on a small vacation, where he was able to get rid of all the negative thoughts about the urgent problems and quietly contemplate nature.

Upon coming back home, he got a letter with a very interesting job proposal where he started working at. Now he was very pleased with the new place of work and it`s future prospects. After that incident, he never tires of repeating: "Do not be nervous, if you let go of the stressful situations, the answers will come to you. The main thing is to be able to see the chance! "

Not all the wealthy and famous people fought for their place under the sun. Many were in the right place at the right time. Envious people say it`s just luck and that in this life nothing happens. You have to do as much as required by each situation, but not more. As they say, do what you must, come what may.

Entrusting the fate - does not mean completely abandoning all the attempts to somehow change the situation. If you are looking for a new job but don`t even bother working on your resume and constantly sitting at home watching soap operas, it is highly doubtful that you will hear from the CEO of the company of your dreams with a unique job proposal.

Learn to follow the flow of life. For this to happen, there must be an open door in your heart. Pay attention to everything that`s happening to you, the signs that are in abundance give you your fate.This applies to all spheres of life. If you are afraid of new relationships, then you will not find love and you categorically will reject all of courtship. As the poet Pushkin, "love descends suddenly, when you are not looking." To add to this, it will come when you`ll be ready to take her into their lives.

And another interesting fact, that during rest, meditation and sleep, some scientists come up with new studies and make discoveries.

The most known case of visionary dreams is an example of Dmitri Mendeleev`s periodic table of chemical elements. But that`s not all.

In one of his monographs future creator of the new physics, Niels Bohr describes how he saw himself in a dream in the sun with burning gas, around which revolved thin pieces the size of the planets. Suddenly, the gas was dry and the sun and planets have declined dramatically in size. Bohr awoke and immediately realized that he understood the model of an atom, above which is constantly thinking.

Thomas Edison even invented the invention which allowed them to memorize the ideas in the border state between wakefulness and sleep. He sat in a chair, picking up the heavy iron balls, and shut his eyes. Intensely thinking about the issue concerned him, fell into a slumber, hands decompressed, the balls fell with a crash into special troughs, awakened inventor. And he instantly recalled the dreamed decisions.

So the lesson from this, is to go with the flow, consciously observe the life, make the right decisions and you will have success in life.